Monday, June 9, 2014

Singer Sewing Table with Barn Wood Top

 Stopping in to share this little project my
husband made for our daughter, from
an antique Singer sewing machine table
she picked up at a yard sale.
It is missing the foot pedal but she loves it. 

 It had no top of any kind. She had seen
some of the old barn wood we won at an auction,
so she knew what kind of top she wanted on it.
This is a left over section of an old barn door.
From research, husband THINKS this particular
wood is from the old Chestnut Trees.
(If we're wrong, please let us know!)
Its full of wormy holes (no, not from termites, 
we know what that looks like) 
These pics were taken before I put a 
coat of poly on it.

It went home with daughter before I thought
to take a quick pic for the blog. The poly
really brought out the grain of the wood. 

I wanted to keep it for myself!  ;-)

Before I go, here's a few pics of an unwelcome
visitor I practically stepped on while painting 
a cabinet outdoors... 

I had put the cabinet doors
on our swing, which hangs from gigantic old 
light poles and is covered with Wisteria vines.

While alternating from the cabinet to the doors
between coats of paint, I stepped back over
to the swing, I felt something shoot past my foot!

By the time I got a camera he was half way
up the pole and headed for the tree.

He moved so quickly through the tree.
You can barely tell which is a limb and
which is the snake. This is a first "tree" snake I've 
actually seen... now not only do we have to 
watch where we step, we have to look UP
when we're under the trees!

Just happy it was not a "bell tale" rattlesnake!

Have a Happy Day, Y'all!


  1. The cabinet is perfect with the barn wood! LOVE it. Do NOT love the snake. Oh My Goodness! I would have hurt myself!!!!

    1. Thanks Sherry! just wish I had a pic of it with the poly - gorgeous! but the "rustic" look is just as pretty. Yep, snakes are a'crawlin' 'round these parts.

  2. Eeeek!! I'm not really very squeamish, but I don't like snakes. I love the barn wood top of the table though. I think it's just gorgeous... unlike the snake.

    1. LOL thanks Tuula! like I said I really wish I had taken a pic of it with the poly on it. It looks awesome... and guess what? I found myself an old metal base so it's off to find more barn wood!!


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