Thursday, March 20, 2014

Granny Square Pillows and a Change in Direction... and Life

Granny Square Pillow
So I'm back in blogland for a few minutes to show y'all what I did with the rest of the light and dark pink yarn from the Pom Pom Heart.

I actually made two of these pillows for my little granddaughter, whose favorite color is pink.

I really enjoyed re-learning the crochet stitching, and how
to join the squares together. There are several tutorials and
videos out there so I won't bore you with that part.

And, I have to say I really enjoyed the blogging break.
That is not to imply that I don't enjoy sharing what I make. It's just that my life is going in so many directions right now, the pressure to make a project, take photos and write posts is not at the top of my list at the moment.  

My husband and I decided to open a booth in a fairly new antique and gift mall... anybody that has taken on this challenge while working their regular days jobs, AND THIS INCLUDES HOUSE WORK - cooking, sweeping, dishes and clothes don't DO themselves... knows what I'm talking about.

I'm excited and exhausted all at the same time.

My house is a total wreck. 

My mind churns with projects to make.

My muscles ache BAD because my fibro does not like all 
this extra activity... and it dictates when/what gets done.

And come to think of it, I've not even had a chance to take a lot of photos of items we've made for the booth. 

Right now we're still in the "we'll try it for a while" stage.

Being married is one thing... a great thing... being married AND working together is another ball game. 

What is in my head often is not the end result of the product.

We're working on that.

Lots of trial and error.  I don't have the hand strength to handle boards and some of the tools. 

And that really ticks me off. It limits what I can make by myself. So I have to go back and re-think what to make. 

Oh, and there was another auto accident... my husband on the way to work the first of March. No terrible injuries thank the Lord. But a head injury with a super bad concussion. 
The headaches were really bad.

And a totaled vehicle, which means another payment.

Have you priced trucks lately???? Talk about sticker shock!

I'll have to look through my phone to see what pics I have taken of booth items and try to make time to post them.

And the LIFE thing?  Since we bloggers are mostly women, I'm sure (well, HOPE) you won't be offended that I'm sharing that fact that menopause is KICKING MY BUTT. It's like one set of problems was traded for another set of problems.
Talk about an 'alien invasion of the body snatchers'
Nerves!  Quick Hot flashes, then I'M COLD. UGH.

But don't give up on me. I'll be around... and I still have to post the rest of our bathroom remodel!! 

Wow where does time go?

Did I mention we have a new grandson, too?

Life is precious indeed!


  1. Oh JoAnn, I so understand those things. Life can be overwhelming. So many things going on all at once. Lots of luck with the booth. People often do not realize how much work and preparation goes into those for the vendors. Looking forward to seeing you in blog land when you have the time. Any photos of the new grandson?

  2. I'm with ya girl! What we could talk about over several cups of coffee!!!!!
    Congrats on the booth. That sounds like a dream come true to me. I hope you can post some pics of what you've made. Take care and email me when you can.


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