Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year to 2013!

Latest Lovely Happy New Year Wallpapers 2013
Just listened to a news reporter who did a survey with a few people around the world on exactly what "Happy New Year" meant to them - some rich, some poor... the rich people bragged about their material things and traveling the world - the poor people were happy to have jobs to support their families and for each day God gave them.  For the record, I fall into the last category.

One wealthy lad was the happiest because he had just won a award for winning a game. He was the best! Another man was traveling around the world.  One poor man in South America was happy because he had a job and could support his family... and it gave him something to do. One poor lady absolutely refused to be un-happy, because of the way it made her heart feel. A man in the Middle East said he would be happy if he could just have peace. 

The comments the rich made sounded incredibly vain and selfish, and the comments made by the poor were very humble and heart warming.

Don't get me wrong, if I could land a stash of cash by winning the lottery or by some inheritance, I'd definitely be happy, because I could pay off every bill I have, and the bills of my immediate family.  But then it'd be all gone. And then something else will tear up, break down, not crank - you get the idea... making yet another bill.

I've always heard that if money could buy happiness, Elvis would still be alive.  In a way that's true. After all, for a while there, he was The King! My mother loved every song he sang. And when she listened to his music, THAT made HER happy. My husband's mother seems the happiest when all 60 + family members are in her house, and she's cooking food for all of them!

Happiness is different for everybody.  For me, I'm most happy when my husband and kids are happy... AND when I have the  energy to do some crafting!  I so wanted to make a New Year's wreath, but it's been a busy day at work, AND the last day of the month AND year, AND with it being Pay Bills Day, I'm too tuckered out... but that may change tomorrow, New Year's Day ;-)

Friday, December 28, 2012

Winter Blooming Camilla

Ahhh! A touch of Winter Color... 
Camilla Bushes!
This camilla bush is really putting out some
beautiful blooms this winter. This one is my favorite, with the white color mixed in with the pink. And each one is so different.
This is my solid colored camilla, 
which is just as pretty. 
As you can see, I've got my work cut out for me in a few weeks time... I gotta clear out the fallen pine needles and leaves, and spiff up my Front Yard Farmer Girl and BoyIf you look close, you can see one last vinca
trying it's best to shoot out a bloom in the blue pot.
I'm no botanist or landscape artist, but for about the last 2 - 3 years, I've seen these beautiful red berries all over my dogwood trees. They've probably been there all along and I just haven't stopped to notice, but I think they are so pretty.

I just wanted to post something pretty today, because when I start taking down the 
Christmas decor, especially all the lights,
it gonna look so bare in my house {sigh}!!

Happy Friday, Y'all!

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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

My Happy Place Christmas Village

Oh, the magic of Christmas!
The Happy Place Christmas Village Tour

Just bare with me for a few minutes and let
go of the hussle and bussle (even though every ad, even Pinterest, promises an easy peasy Holiday) Sit back and enjoy, and even laugh, as you enter my Happy Place...
It's been a long time since I set out my
Christmas Village for the mere fact that
sometimes I just don't have the energy or time for it. It 's not the most glamorous,
and certainly not the most expensive,
just very quaint and simple.
Part of the enjoyment for me in setting it out is, if only momentarily, to turn off the real world and let my imagination run loose in my make-believe "Happy Place," where all the people, houses, stores, and Church 
project a feeling of happiness and genuine goodness.

Inside this warm and happy make believe home,
the couple are preparing to exchange
their sweet and simple gifts.
And somebody gets a piggy back ride to the mailbox, which I imagine is loaded with warm Christmas wishes, and maybe even a few gift cards :-)
This family is enjoying an open air ride delivering Christmas packages. I love the little kid all kicked back with his legs crossed. No doubt he's glad school is out!
Just down the lane is the Dairy Shop
setting out specialty cheeses, and maybe some really good cheesecake!
The Carolers outside the Cheese Shop are spreading Christmas cheer for all to hear.
Snowmen are being built everywhere...
There's a lot of detail inside the
General Store that you might can see...

And people aren't too busy to stop and 
exchange Christmas greetings...
The Church is lovely all decked out in it's greenery and red bows, even up high on the belfry.
Can you see the kid riding in the cart?
I can hear this car's "ooo-ggaahh"
horn being blown.
Just outside of Happy Place's Church is a SAFE play yard for the kids
to ride sleds, ski, and ice skate.
My favorite is the Grandpa, child and dog 
riding on the sled.
The Merry Christmas Teddy Bear Shop's
truck is making its way over the
town's covered bridge with the last
delivery of "Teddys" before the Big Day.
In Happy Place, Gentlemen happily help Ladies
with their shoes and skates.
The last house down the lane glows with a warm and cozy atmosphere and family is gathered around the table where there's plenty of food to go around.
 And Mama helps bundle up her little guy,
who wants to go riding with friends
in the horse drawn carriage.

As I sit here and proof read this little home spun story, I'm hoping this wasn't too awfully silly to post. 

A lot of us have experienced most of what Happy Place is all about.
And some of us have not. And will not.

In light of the recent sadness across
our nation, I hope this little magical
Christmas Town tour has made you smile, 
if only for a minute or two.

And, as we hug our families extra tight today, let our thoughts and prayers go out to those families whose lives are now changed forever.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas in the Man Cave

Christmas in the Man Cave
Yes, I am "allowed" to put up a tree in the "man cave"...

And a few fishing and hunting Santas...

Yep, that's a camo hanky beside Santa...
and a Pirate Cup from The Pirate's House
in Savannah, GA.  If you get the chance to go,
do take the "ghost" tour into the cellar, and 
use your cameras to catch "proof"
of them, the mysterious orbs in the photos.
Soccer Santa
Football Santa

These sports Santa ornaments were
bought for our kids when they in school.
In front of Uga is an acorn ornament
I made a couple of weeks ago.
If you haven't already noticed, 
This is Georgia Bull "Dawg" Country.
Just under the star is Uga with his
fishing tackle of a Ga Tech Yellow Jacket,
Auburn Tiger, and a Florida Gator ;-)
(please, don't send me Football Hate email...
it's Christmas!)
Love this ornament - need I say more?
Handy Man Santa
The Christmas Mouse is dated 1971.

My husband tried his hand at Hand Carving a
small block of wood long ago, and did pretty good!
He made the deer for our son to play with,
and after he was too old for such, 
I started using it as
a Christmas tree ornament.

Happy Saturday, Y'all!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Nativity Collection

My Nativity Collection:
The first is the largest in size,
and only had the three figures in the set;
I found the angel in an antique shop, 
which matches the muted colors 
of Mary and Joseph perfectly. 

This set is the smaller of the three sets I have, but
the only piece that it did not have was an angel.
I came across this light weight plastic 
angel ornament playing a harp at the dollar store.
The size fits perfectly in relation to the other figures,
but is not a "stand up," so I hot glued it to the stable.
The colors are a bit brighter but are 
 finished with a more flat, satin coating.
The Shepherd Boy is one of my favorite pieces.

This set is my very favorite.
The colors are bright and finished in a
high gloss shiny coating. 
This set had the angel, plus this
Baby Jesus is not cast into the manger; 
it can be removed.  Some people
do not put their Baby Jesus in the manger 
until Christmas Eve night.
The Kings, camel and donkey are more intricate in detail. 
Again, the Shepherd Boy has a sweet look on his face.

A small musical Nativity.

This very small and simple one-piece set was our very first,
bought our first married Christmas in 1981.
Most all of the "grass" is gone and it has 
gathered a bit of dust, but it is special 
and the meaning is still the same, 
Jesus is the Reason for the Season.