Friday, September 28, 2012

The Crashed Pumpkin Repair and More Fall Decor

Y'all may be familiar with the
monogram pumpkins from Hobby Lobby.
No, they don't come adorned with berries or leaves.
And what MIGHT not be familiar with is
something that looks like this.

the Big Crash and Smash Cover Up...
See, it all started like this. We were headed
home from shopping when hubby  
spied a truck he wanted to stop and see...
while driving 60 mph...
did a nose dive in my car and a 180 degree turn...
down goes the pumpkin out of the seat...
{Perhaps I should have buckled Him in}
it smashed and crashed on top of 
another pumpkin I'd bought for my DIL...
I could hear the crunching of the ceramic...
There must have been steam coming from my
ears and smoke from eyes...
HE KNEW he was in for it...
No words, all the way home...
Seeing how it was HIS fault with no chance of
getting another H {I'd just bought the last two}
He set right to work with super glue, 
doing the best with what was left of 
the shards... when it dried, I added some
remnants of odd berries and leaves.
I guess it'll work... 

This is a shelf top swag made of fall picks.

Happy Friday Y'all!

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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fall Sunflower Arrangement

Just a quick post here today folks  
{the fibro is kickin' hard today}
This is the Fall Sunflower Arrangement
I made last year.
All of the flowers and stems
came from Hobby Lobby, half price.

Most of y'all have gotten all of your
fall decor out and photoed and posted. 
I'm behind the game  -  I keep moving
things around trying to get it situated just so.

Hubby and daughter cleaned off the back
porch this weekend, so hopefully
I'll be feeling like fixin' it up
with some cool Fall outdoor decor.
Kind of hard to get in the spirit and do
things when you feel like you just went
a Round with Sugar Ray Leonard...and lost.

Until then...

Happy Thursday, Y'all!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fred the Clay Pot Man and a Fall Garden

First of all, Happy Fall, Y'all!

A grass hopper let me get close
enough to snap this shot.

Now I'm not a frog lover my any means,
meaning I didn't play with them as a kid,
but we have seen so few of these
in the past few years that I was
actually happy to see him hopping about.

So here's Fred, my Clay Pot Man.
He's in dire need of a new chair to sit upon.
Plus one of his arms has slipped apart
from the other {I had them tied together
holding a USA flag}
He's tilting because of the poor choice
of seating I made when I built him.
He's big and he's heavy! So it's gonna take 
some "Man" power to move him onto his new chair.
And I had the best of intentions 
to do just that this summer...
 then it got hot... real hot... and gnatty... 
and buggy... and wasps have made their homes
inside of Fred's arms and legs... 
which means I won't be touching him till 
it get's cool enough for those 
bugger's to leave me alone ;-0

Here is my daughter's Fall Garden.
Turnips, carrots, beets, 
broccoli, spinach, and collards.
You can see she's trying desperately to
keep Suzie Cow out, and the rabbits out, 
and other varmints... but I spy a

Peeping {Prince} Tom Cat in the right hand corner!

And my latest stoneware find...
There are no markings on it but it's beautiful
and goes well with my 
Pfaltzgraff Folk Art collection.
It's filled with scented potpourri.

Y'all have a Good Day!

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Monday, September 24, 2012

Easy Pie Crust, Deer Quiche and A Great Make Over

Easy Home made Pie Crust

Deer Quiche

1 pound Cooked deer meat 
(or ground beef, sausage or turkey)
3 eggs
1 cup shredded sharp cheddar cheese
3/4 cup milk
Salt and pepper

chopped onions, mushrooms, peppers
You name it, then

Mix well and pour into crust prepared as directed

Bake at 375 for 20 minutes   
Lay foil over edges of crust if 
it starts getting too brown.

Happy Monday, Y'all

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Layered Autumn Wreath on Autumn Plate

Layered Autumn Wreath onto Autumn Plate

Hey Y'all! Hope your Saturday is as lovely
as ours is down here in South Georgia!
Yesterday was in the 90s, and it's gonna
be cooking again today... I know...
not very Fall-ish, although our mornings
have been very pleasant. But I wanted to share

Is it Fall in S. Georgia Yet? No!

See? Y'all thought I was just kidding!!
But at least it's not raining,
so I'm TRYING to make the most of the
day with some outdoor spray painting
of a few projects with primer. 
I'm soooo jealous of you folks North of us,
already settling into those cool 
FALL days... they're just not here yet,
as you can see. 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Pumpkin Pillow from Jean Leg

Here is a pillow I made last year, before I started blogging. This one is made from one leg of an old pair of jeans. The other is a match to the table runner. I actually posted them afterwards, then after the season ended, and in a brain fog, I decided I would do one of those scrolling picture programs highlighting all of my fall projects, only it didn't turn out as planned - it took way to long to load and my pages was super slow - so I deleted it.

Anyway, here is the matching pillow to
the quilted table runner I made from scraps,
so there was only enough material for one.
If you look close the orange material 
has vague black strips. I loved it :)
The pumpkins came from a yard of cut outs.

Enjoy your Wednesday, Y'all!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Fall Burlap and Denim Table Runner

This was a really fun project!

Featured Winner at 
Crafty Cornucopia Challenge

The tutorial can be found at
Here is Cathy's table runner - it's awesome!

I have had the denim sewn together since 
early spring. Trying to decide the materials
for the insides, which should be squares, I cut them all in circles as well. In frustration, I put it on the back burner.
Until I started cleaning up my craft room and saw that I have a lot of BURLAP.
I went right to work ;)
I got the tutorial from Tole n Treasurers HERE.
I don't claim to be a great seamstress, not even good, which is why my sewing is limited to crafting. Cathy at Tolent Treasurers is also an awesome painter!
I plan to (way, way in the future) also do one of these as a quilt, in both denim and khaki. As you can see, it looks great, either
way you decide to use it - front or back.

I have more fall crafts to post soon!

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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Fabulous Thrifty Finds

Hi folks! Here are a few fantastic finds
I thought I'd share with you. I think I've told you I collect vintage Revere Ware. Those lids were 50 cents each ;) The old blue-banded stoneware bowl was $12 :) We went to our very first antique auction a few
weeks ago and came cross some items that
are certainly worth mentioning, namely this
beautiful table cloth - it's HUGE. I've never seen one this long AND it's been HAND appliqued, with the pieces "turned under" and stitched.
I can't imagine doing something like this on 
this large of a scale. As large as it is, 
it only has two small stains that I believe I can remove.  

I walked into a newly opened local thrift shop and found THE MATE to a single pewter candle holder that I bought two states over, about a year ago... imagine my surprise and sheer JOY ;)

But that's the way I buy them... loners, although I love buying them in pairs when I can. And who knows, I just may find the mates to these two one day ;)

While at the auction, this box can up on the block. I initially wanted it to re-do as a toy box for my granddaughter's stuff in my living room...
but it's super heavy, and somehow, my husband has laid claim to it, putting it right in his "Man Cave."

You can even see the letter "A", over on the left side, I think I can see a B and C.

The "helmet" bucket needs a good cleaning,
but it will be used to hold pieces of 'fat.'
You know you're "Country" when you call
pieces of old pine kindling wood 'FAT.'

And one day at the GW, I found this beautiful dish, mostly likely used to hold flowers that were possibly  sent to a hospital patient. Not a chip on it! Now, you know when I laid eyes on it what I thought... 'That looks my like Sweet Pepper Rose!' How appropriate! So after the holidays, y'all will be seeing this dish, filled with green ivy as my header photo. 

I have some more great stuff to show you,
but that'll be another subject for another day.

Happy Sunday, Y'all!

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