Friday, April 27, 2012

Lima Bean Orb

Lima Bean Orb
See how I turned a bag of lima beans into a cute decoration . . .

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Vegetable Pasta Primavera with Goat Cheese

Pasta Primavera Recipe adapted from Food Network:
This is a great vege dish !

1 Box Pasta - corkscrew 
1/2 cup reserved water, from cooked pasta/veges 
1 tsp Kosher salt
1 Cup Fresh Shredded Carrots
2 cups Fresh Sugar Snap Peas, cut in half
1 Yellow Bell Pepper, thinly sliced
1 Package Cherry Tomatoes, sliced in half
3-4 cloves Garlic, sliced thin 
1/4 Cup Olive Oil
1/2 tsp Red Pepper Flakes
1/2 Cup chopped *Fresh Mint (I used chopped Parsley)
4 oz. Goat Cheese, crumbled
1/2 Cup Grated *Parmesan Cheese (I omitted this)
In large pot, cook pasta according to package, 
adding in the bell peppers, peas and carrots
for the last 2 minutes of boiling the pasta;
this softens the veges, leaving them a bit crisp.
Reserve 1/2 cup water; drain the rest.
Place cooked pasta / veges in large serving bowl.
Heat the olive oil on medium heat; 
Add in the garlic, lightly brown.
Carefully add in the tomatoes, red pepper flakes, and salt;
stir slowly for about 2 minutes; take care not to over heat
as the skins will begin to come off!
Add in the 1/2 cup reserved pasta /vege water.
Stir well.  Pour over the pasta/veges, adding in the
crumbled goat cheese, *mint, and * Parmesan cheese. 
Mix gently with a spoon, stirring and melting the goat cheese.
Serve warm. 
This is another "better the next day" recipes.

It's Great! Y'all give it a try.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tip Tuesday: Add Rope Lighting Above Cabinets

Adding rope lights above kitchen cabinets
adds soft lighting, especially at night.
The light reflects the white ceiling which give a nice glow.
They last a very long time, vs. the 
regular Christmas light strands.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Candle Jar Lid Paper Weight with Picture TUTORIAL

Paper Weight with Picture made from
a *Flat topped Candle Jar Lid Tutorial

*see ending note.

Remove the clear plastic seal from the lid.
This little project would make great personal gifts
to give for Mother's Day, Father's Day,
birthdays, and for Christmas!
Carefully situate the jar lid on top of your picture,
centering your subject(s) as best as possible.
Trace around the lid with a marker or pen.
I used a Ball mason jar seal as my "bottom."
You can write the date of the picture
and the person's name on it :)
With very little edge overlap, I did have to trim more  
picture away in order to seal to the glass;
I did this by over turning the picture and with
the end of my scissors, rub around the
rubber seal, making an indention.
Trim around this indention to show the red seal.
(sorry, no pic of that step!)

Use an Elmers glue stick on the back of your picture 
to hold it in place on the seal; 
Carefully run a seam of hot glue 
onto the red seal, and quickly set the glass lid on top;
 press down gently and let set until cool.
Choose ribbon, jute or other trim to put
around the jar lid to hide the rim; dot with glue
and gently press in place.
If desired, tie a bow and your done!

* Things to keep in mind:
There will be imperfections in the glass lids.  
For this picture project, I chose to use this flat top lid
because the rounded tops produce a distorted magnifying effect. However, they would be great to fill with small items like marbles, small sea shells, colored beads, 
potpourri, etc. The possibilities are endless!

Have Fun Creating Your Candle Jar Lid Paper Weight!

If you make one, please link back to this post
so I can see your creation!


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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Cereal Box Monogram Letter

Monogram letter made from a Cereal Box and LOTS of tape,
two layers of paper mache, two days of dry time!!
and two coats of paint. Extra pieces were needed for...
the back and sides, so I used parts of a cracker box.
Cut along the box indented lines to remove the top and bottom,
and separate sides, front and back.
Cut and shape to your desired letter and style.
Cut newspaper strips about 1/2 inch wide.
Mix one cup flour, one cup water, and 1/2 TBSP salt.
Stir until smooth. (Similar to pancake mix.)
Place onto letter covering entire area; let dry completely.
Do another layer and let dry.
Choose your paint color.  Apply at least two coats.
Let dry between each application.

Happy Wednesday, Y'all!
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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tip Tuesday: Foundation, from the Top Down

Make-up foundation, that is.
If you're not doing this simple tip, you're throwing away money....
Of course, I've found that out by necessity,
waiting on my order to arrive.
When you find yourself running low, even after
you've pounded the imprint of the lid into your palm,
banged it on the counter top ten or twenty times,
don't throw it out... snip off the tip...
you'll be amazed at what it sticking to the side of the tube
and is still down on the bottom.
Which is a GOOD thing. That means it's actually
doing its job - sticking to vertical surfaces, like your face.
(well depending on the brand you use.)
As you wipe out the foundation from the sides,
clip the tube further down to get easier access to the bottom.
And, depending on how heavy you wear your make up,
you might even get another weeks worth out of it :)
Store opened tube in a zip lock bag.

Happy Tuesday, Y'all!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Shrimp Scampi with Linguine AWESOME!

Shrimp Scampi and Linguine
Recipe from Food Network, Ina Garten, Barefoot Contessa

You can omit the shrimp and just
have the linguine noodles and sauce :)

(Varied a bit from the net's recipe)
RAW, deveined shrimp - 1 pound
Olive Oil - 3 TBSP
Butter - 3 TBSP (I used margarine)
Garlic - 4 Cloves, minced
Parsley - 1/3 c chopped
Lemon Juice - 1/4 c
Lemon Slices
Lemon Zest
Salt, 1 - 1 1/2 tsp
Black Pepper, 1 tsp
Red Pepper Flakes (if desired, and if you like HEAT!)

Cook linguine noodles according to package; drain and set aside.
These can boil while you prepare and cook the shrimp.
Remove Tails
Chop and Mince 4 garlic cloves
Chop Parsley, set aside 
In heavy bottom pan on medium heat,
add olive oil and butter, melt;
add garlic and saute only about 1 minute
*Don't let garlic brown!*
Add shrimp, salt, black pepper and cook for about 5 minutes
until pink, being sure to turn often for even cooking.
Do Not Drain, the sauce will coat the noodles.
Remove from heat (pour in a BIG bowl)
Add lemon juice, zest, slices, red pepper and parsley.
Stir together well; Add in linguine and toss well.

if you have any left overs :)
NOTE: we rewarmed in a heavy pan on the stove top 

Happy Cooking, Y'all!
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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Sunflowers and Blackberries for Summer Decor

Sunflowers are my favorite flower.
I've tried to find a flower for summer decorating,
and I always come back to the sunflower.
I know some folks only decorate with them during the fall, but...
I think I've figured out how to summer-fy them...
add in Blackberries!
I also added in long blackish-purple flower sprigs
(that I can't remember the name of).
I LOVE berries, but buying enough of them
to put around everywhere can get pricey!
Blackberries and pods from Hobby Lobby
I wanted to bring out the mustard color in my
wallpaper border, and Sunflowers fit the bill.
Besides roosters, I have a new love for little white sheep.  
Although my main color scheme is jewel tone,
my border has a variety of lighter colors that I
can choose to bring out, like the pear / green apple color.
What flowers do you decorate with during the summer?
I'd love to hear your comments.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Cook Book with Great Recipes

I received the cook book I bought from Nancy Huggins
last week and, oh my, where do I start? 
And I love all the pics that the Celebs included
with their mouth watering recipes.
There's even a Vege Health Soup that
my vegetarian daughter will love :)
It's awesome. Nancy, you did a great
job getting all those recipes, (WOW)
and putting the cookbook together!
Oh, and that 6 Minute Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge?
My guys are sure to request that at least 
twice a week now... 
But I'm not sure whose recipe
I should be more wary of... 
Steven King's or Betty White's :)
(just kidding!)
I'm starting my shopping list of needed ingredients now!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tip Tuesday: DIY Flower Frog

  D I Y Flower Frog...

Use the covers from pillar candles
for your flower frogs!
Four holes are already punched for you.
These are on the 2 3/4" wide, shorter pillar candles,
and they fit perfectly on the short Mason jars.

I used a hand held single hole puncher
to punch extra holes where needed.
For larger jars, you can buy clear vellum 
and trace around the jar opening.
Use a round or even a flower punch to make the holes.

Have a Good Day, Y'all!
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