Friday, March 30, 2012

Willow Wreath and "Chocolate" Eggs

Spring Willow Wreath made from Dollar Store items

* One 10 inch wicker wreath
* One bag floral moss
* Seven (or more) willow flower stems
* Floral Wire cutters
* Bird nest (mine came from my maple tree)
* Two Birds
* Small Eggs
Glue gun and glue sticks
 I opted to spray paint my wicker wreath
a green color, to tone down the tan.
* Eggs are ceramic, with one coat clear sealant, and
spray painted in Miracal Brown from Dollar General.
I love birdhouses... what else can I say?

With wreath on newspaper, put glue over small 
sections of the wreath and press on the floral moss.
Clip off stems of willow from the main stem
and glue into wreath, in your desired position,
trying to keep it in a "swirl." 
Wow, I didn't realize how STICKY and Prickly
those things are to work with!
Seven stems of willow was obviously not enough, 
but it was all the store had left.  
Position the nest, eggs and birds; glue in place.

The idea for the candles set inside jars with split peas
came from Two Twenty One.
And the "chocolate" eggs, and bunny, ideas came from
The eggs rest on my antique Homer Laughlin
Virginia Rose patterned Platter.

Hope Y'all have a Good Weekend!
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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Easter Tree

I had a very productive Saturday, as you can see!
(and then nursed a migraine all day Sunday)
I finally decided to put up an Easter tree. 
I had seen many Christmas trees on blogs this past 
season, set up inside the crocks,
so I knew I had to do one. . .
I had been eye-balling this 2-tier table in a local
second hand store for about two weeks.
Another store has a round one, so it was a toss up...
I figured the rounded / squared (?) table
would fit better in this corner of the room.
Another great Salvation Army find for $5...
this tree has BROWN in the mix with dulled green needles -
 never seen one before, or since. Glad I got it.
Very Country.
I knew I was saving this shredded lot of card board for something!
It made a good stabilizer for the tree, once I managed
to stuff the stuff inside the crock : -)
Then the usual - first the lights, then the beads.
Another good find - 2 bags for 69 cents each. 
And the Country Angel for a buck at a flea market.
On with the hand made ornaments ;-D

Plus the two I finished, one with a pinked denim flower'n button

the other with a button bow made with jute.
I couldn't leave the shelves bare!
The rusty wheel barrel with soap came from
the perfect sized accent to my birdhouse bunny.
And Peter Cottontail with his bag full of eggs'n toys!
Now we're just waiting for the Easter Bunny
to bring us some goodies!

Up next... my attempt at a Spring Willow wreath...

Happy Gluing, Y'all!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tip Tuesday: A Cat's "Wee" Problem, They Hate Cleaning Products

Soooo, Prissy the Cat is a sweetie, eerr, most of the time.
But lately she's taken up TWO bad habits: 
one is 'play biting' when we pet her, um, what's up with that?, 
the other one of "weeing" at my front porch bushes. UGH! . . .

Friday, March 23, 2012

Sweet Easter Memories and Ornaments

Stephanie and I made these ornaments when 
she was a young teenager, when one year
I decided I wanted to do an Easter tree.
She made three beautiful felt Easter ornaments. 
My favorite is the one with the flower :)
I made the blue one with lace and faux pearl trim.
Two never made it to the finished stage.
I hope to finish those two this weekend.
I also made some felt carrots . . . 

the idea taken
from an old Country Sampler magazine.
The ceramic basket was given to me by
coworkers in March 1989 when John was born,
three days after Easter. I haven't had the
heart to spray paint it... yet... but...
you know that spray paint that has texture to it?
The kind that makes stuff feel all rusty?...
um... it's calling my name, LOUDLY.
Here is Stephanie at age 6, and John at age 3.
It was also the age of big flower print dresses,
and flat bow shoes. And little boy suites and white Keds.

Happy Friday, Y'all

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Fruity Apron with Strawberry Appliques

Here is the simple butcher style apron
I made for my daughter, Stephanie.
She received it today in Spain.
She wanted one with strawberries, which I
couldn't find, but did find material 
that had strawberries in the mix . . .

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring Sprung, Southern Style

All things are a'bloom down here in SE GA!
This is a LARGE salmon colored azalea group...
Those tip top blooms tower above my full sized Chevy Suburban.
Yes, those bushes are that big, and that Pine Tree is huge!
This is a beautiful spirea bush in my own yard.

A large dogwood tree in my front yard.
My salmon colored azalea is taking it's own time :)

This picture of my largest Bradford Pear tree was
actually taken about 2 weeks ago. A storm came through
and blew off all the blooms that very night,
so I'm glad I took this picture that day!

The Wisteria is just now blooming good.
Mine is white, other are a purple color.

Although this is a miniature azalea, it packs
a punch with its color and number of flowers. 

Hope y'all are having a Wonderful Wednesday!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tip and Tutorial: Paper Flower from CD and Post It Notes

Paper Flower made from old CD and Post It Notes Tutorial

Supplies Needed:
3" Post It Notes in desired color
Old CD
hot glue gun and glue sticks
ink pen
string or wire, for hanging
* I had hoped to bypass using tape, but even though you'll be working with
sticky Post It notes, they WILL unfurl 

As you can see from the photos you're just folding
over the paper, making a closed point at one end,
leaving the other end open to form a petal.
You'll need 46 -48 of these petals (depends on how tightly you wrap)
When you wrap the paper, tape it so it will not unfurl.
Then on the point end, go up about 1 inch and staple.
Before you begin gluing down the petals,
decide what you want for a hanger.
For wire or string, pull it thru the CD hole and glue it down.
 Glue a piece of paper down to cover the CD hole; 
use an ink pen to mark the exact center by finding
your finger on the other side.

To Begin Gluing Down the Petals:
Run a seam of hot glue from the staple to the closed point. 
Using your staple as your guideline, and
working from the outside inward,
place the petal onto the CD, with the staple
to the inside of the CD.
Glue in a N, S, E, W fashion. Rotate and continue gluing.
Do not try to meet your points when gluing.
That creates too big of a space in between petals.
(See below for the error.)
Always use your staple in line with the CD.

Here is where it depends on how tightly you wrap your petals.
You can see the last space needs a very narrow petal.

To begin the second row of petals, go in about 1/2 inch.
Arrange them so the outer petal point
falls in between the others, looking more natural.
Again, don't make the points meet - go in line with the staples.

second row completed.

For the third row, DO put the petal point onto the center dot.
As you go around you'll be overlapping the points, but
still going in line with the staples - to keep your center
circle an even circle :)

Third row complete - again, use your own judgement
as to whether you want to fill in any spaces with narrow petals.

Choose a color you want for your center.
I chose this color combo to coordinate with the
nursery in our home for our granddaughter :)
I think I'll make a few more of these cute CD Flowers.

TIP #1: 
Y'all know how much I LOVE to spray paint.
The lid actually looked pretty good, even 3-D-ish,  but I wanted 
that GREEN color, in the upper left corner :)

TIP #2

Happy Gluing Y'all

Friday, March 16, 2012

"Chocolate" Painted Terracotta Bunnies

They really DO look good enough to eat.
aw, shucks... I didn't win the 
Valspar Spray Paint Giveaway
over at DIY Showoff,
but did that stop me from going out
and "choc-la-ti-zing" me some bunnies???  
Nuh-uh. . .

And wouldn't you know it, when I did finally
get to Lowes, do you think they had ANY
of that Roasted Coffee color left? Nope.
Is it possible that EVERYBODY read 
RAN OUT and BOUGHT ALL of it??
Maybe so...of course, it might have something
to do with the fact that there's a dozen or more
Spring festivals going on now, and in the coming weeks, that are within a 100 mile radius of our locale... 
They look delicious just sitting there on my kitchen window sill.
so I just hopped on over to my friendly neighborhood Dollar General and bought their 
MIRACAL Premium in plain ol' brown,
and YES, it was indeed 
A Before Pic 
$3 for both of these :)

$1 for ALL 3 of these 

I forgot to take a BEFORE pic of them

But I fixed'em right up! 
Now I'm wondering if I should paint
the paper mache I got for $1...

Now, YOU go Choc-la-tize YOU some critters :)

Happy Spray Painting, Y'all!