Tuesday, December 25, 2012

My Happy Place Christmas Village

Oh, the magic of Christmas!
The Happy Place Christmas Village Tour

Just bare with me for a few minutes and let
go of the hussle and bussle (even though every ad, even Pinterest, promises an easy peasy Holiday) Sit back and enjoy, and even laugh, as you enter my Happy Place...
It's been a long time since I set out my
Christmas Village for the mere fact that
sometimes I just don't have the energy or time for it. It 's not the most glamorous,
and certainly not the most expensive,
just very quaint and simple.
Part of the enjoyment for me in setting it out is, if only momentarily, to turn off the real world and let my imagination run loose in my make-believe "Happy Place," where all the people, houses, stores, and Church 
project a feeling of happiness and genuine goodness.

Inside this warm and happy make believe home,
the couple are preparing to exchange
their sweet and simple gifts.
And somebody gets a piggy back ride to the mailbox, which I imagine is loaded with warm Christmas wishes, and maybe even a few gift cards :-)
This family is enjoying an open air ride delivering Christmas packages. I love the little kid all kicked back with his legs crossed. No doubt he's glad school is out!
Just down the lane is the Dairy Shop
setting out specialty cheeses, and maybe some really good cheesecake!
The Carolers outside the Cheese Shop are spreading Christmas cheer for all to hear.
Snowmen are being built everywhere...
There's a lot of detail inside the
General Store that you might can see...

And people aren't too busy to stop and 
exchange Christmas greetings...
The Church is lovely all decked out in it's greenery and red bows, even up high on the belfry.
Can you see the kid riding in the cart?
I can hear this car's "ooo-ggaahh"
horn being blown.
Just outside of Happy Place's Church is a SAFE play yard for the kids
to ride sleds, ski, and ice skate.
My favorite is the Grandpa, child and dog 
riding on the sled.
The Merry Christmas Teddy Bear Shop's
truck is making its way over the
town's covered bridge with the last
delivery of "Teddys" before the Big Day.
In Happy Place, Gentlemen happily help Ladies
with their shoes and skates.
The last house down the lane glows with a warm and cozy atmosphere and family is gathered around the table where there's plenty of food to go around.
 And Mama helps bundle up her little guy,
who wants to go riding with friends
in the horse drawn carriage.

As I sit here and proof read this little home spun story, I'm hoping this wasn't too awfully silly to post. 

A lot of us have experienced most of what Happy Place is all about.
And some of us have not. And will not.

In light of the recent sadness across
our nation, I hope this little magical
Christmas Town tour has made you smile, 
if only for a minute or two.

And, as we hug our families extra tight today, let our thoughts and prayers go out to those families whose lives are now changed forever.


  1. JoAnn, I LOVED your Happy Place Village. I think all of us love that village even though most of us don't get close to having it, it's wonderful to dream it. I think a lot of us are closer than we think.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours! Thank you for your wonderful blog!

    1. Hi Camille, and Merry Christmas to you as well! Thank you for visiting today ;-)

  2. It is a wonderful Happy Place Village. Thanks for sharing.. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas.

  3. How special! I love stepping into your world! Merry Christmas and Happy New year!


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