Tuesday, October 2, 2012

JOY Letters from Recycled Bottles

J O Y Letters cut from 
recycled detergent bottles

This was actually supposed to be a 
B O O Halloween framed word from a 
99 cents frame from the GW

Enter Excuse: 
First off, I feel silly making a post about a
Christmas craft while we {the majority of
the blogging community} are in the midst of
posting Fall and Halloween crafts and decor.

Continue with Post:
However, the frame I painted red was
to hold pictures of my granddaughter,
except I couldn't paint the flowers right
{aka pretty}, so the flowers became dots,
which of course, looks like snow flakes.

CAREFULLY cut out the FLAT sides
from plastic bottles of detergent,
shampoo and other bottles.

I used my heavy duty kitchen shears for this job. That plastic is tough!

I free handed drawing my letters.
Yep, that's an apple, too.
FYI - I used a hole punch to
hollow out the B and the O.

To coordinate with the frame dots,
I chose white paint. And then
I decided they looked too plain 
so I added red dots, to match the frame.

So, there's the story of how 
to make letters from plastic and how
B O O turned into J O Y ;-)

Happy Tuesday, Y'all


  1. cute. had to come over and see your place...
    thanks for visiting mine. =)


  2. Jo....all this scary stuff in blogland needs a little JOY...this just shows your happy side..it made me smile too,and that my friend is what it is all about...thanks for the JOY this morning!

    1. Good early morning to you , Jo May! thanks, I needed that this morning, along with my 2nd cup of joe! Thanks for your sweet comment and I hope you have a Wonderful Wednesday ;-)

  3. Boo, Joy, they're both good words! Way to upcycle the plastic!

  4. How adorable! What kind of paint did you use --just regular acrylic?

    1. Yes, for the white JOY letters, I did use acrylic and a brush, and used the brush end for the dots. I didn't like brush strokes it left, so I made sure to spray paint the BOO black letters - just wish I had paid attention to get the flat black.
      Thanks so much coming over the comment ;-)


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