Thursday, October 25, 2012

I Heart Witches, Pumpkins, Scarecrows, Acorns... and Lima Beans!

Halloween will soon be here, Y'all!
I've been slow to get up some more
Halloween decorations.
I LOVE witches, esp. the cute ones ;-)
{Sorry about the glare from the flatscreen!}
The flatscreen, as wonderful as it is,
has taken my mantel decorating away from me,
except the immediate sides.
So I painted my Lima Bean orbs Orange, which I
thought would look horrid, but actually looks
pretty darned good! Or SHOULD I say Horrid
you know, for Halloween and all that ;-)  
Since we're still in the mid 80s during the day,
we don't need the fireplace going anyway.
So I just turned the hearth into my 
Halloween playground.
This acorn wreath has already "lived a couple of lives".
You can see it for Mother's Day and July 4th...
Add orange spray paint and natural colored 
burlap and voila - Fall Decor Wreath!
The Little Blondie Witch holds a broom and a hanging cat
I also love Scaredy Cats! In past Halloween parties, 
this dish has held salsa or taco meat.
The Frankenstein Crawling Hand is going for the candy!

I had to thrown in my Frankenstein candlesticks,
placed in antique black spindles.
I collect every cute witch I can find!

Here's "Spidey" the spider pumpkin...
All lit up!
What? put this pretty kitchen mat in the KITCHEN...
to get stepped on and food splattered??? no way...

This is a special pumpkin my daughter bought for
me a few weeks back from Hobby Lobby.
Did you know I have NOT been shopping this
season for ANY new fall or Halloween decor???
Hey, the economy is tough 'round my house!!
But I did spend $1.50 on orange spray paint...
And, I guess you COULD call my old
Plus I only spent $2 on felt and a 
dollar store wreath form for my BOO Wreath...
I usually buy a couple of new things each year to add to
my collection but that's OK, 'cause I have plenty of STUFF.

  I'm just happy my daughter is home from Spain,
AND I have a granddaughter who already knows 
where Halloween candy comes from!  Mmmm Goodie.
By the way, just how many licks DOES it
take to get to the center of a lolly pop???

Happy Halloween, Y'all!

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  1. Cute decorations. I have been so slow to get our Halloween decorations up...maybe this weekend I will get in gear.

  2. Looks great! you're all ready for halloween :)

    1. Hey Teenah! well almost. I'm still contemplating putting up my tree and adding fall ornaments - at least I'd be two days ahead of the game the day after Thanksgiving - then I'd only change the ornaments. Thanks for commenting!

  3. JoAnn O' how I do love all your cute Halloween decor!
    Glad your daughter is home also,and stop spoiln' that grandbaby,teehehe.

    1. Thank Jo May! Spoiling is what puts the GRAND into the equation ;-) thanks for commenting!

  4. I like that you used the hearth. Every thing looks good lots of nice pieces for fall and halloween.

  5. So happy your daughter and granddaughter are visiting. Everything looks very festive and fun for Trick or Treat!

  6. How nice to have your daughter and precious granddaughter to enjoy this special time. I love your acorn wreath and the spidey is so cute all lit up! I like scaredy cats, too! FUN FUN! Happy Halloween!

    1. Well hello there! thanks for commenting! I had been waiting for fall so I could use my orange spray paint - it did turn out good, didn't it? thanks for visiting today, and Happy Sunday to you!

  7. Cute and a little spooky too. Thank you for joining in the fun at the Thursday Favorite Things hop. Happy Sunday wishes xo

  8. I love the halloween decor!

  9. Cute, cute, JoAnn. Your acorn wreath is fantastic -- I love "re-habbing" such things to suit my current need. Your "cute" witch collection is, well, so cute! You also have a precious Granddaughter!

    1. Hey Carol! Thank you, they are both precious to me. So glad you came over to comment! Although I love red, I think the orange version of the acorn wreath looks best.

  10. Your fireplace looks adorable! I'm with you, after a while, we have enough seasonal things that we don't have to buy new every year unless we see something special we just can't live without! I use a lot of the same things, just put them up differently. How fun that your daughter and granddaughter are home! Makes everything more fun and special!
    Thanks for visiting!

  11. Look how awesome! :)
    I didn't decorate at all for halloween, and now I wish had!

  12. Thanks for sharing this at the Wicked Good Wednesday Blog Party at

  13. When I had to replace my old TV with a flat screen,I had to find one small enough to fit in my primitive cupboard. I had a time convincing the salesman I did not want it hanging over my mantel! Love your decor - you don't need to spend money to decorate. Your grand is adorable!

  14. I love your Halloween playground! It looks great. I'm crazy for scarecrows, and yours is too cute! Thanks so much for sharing again this week at A Bouquet of Talent. I love seeing your great, creative projects. :)

  15. I love your Halloween decor! That spider pumpkin is really creepy! lol Thanks for sharing at Submarine Sunday!


  16. Love it! Decorating the hearth gives you more room than decorating the mantel anyway. :-) I love that you re-used or re-purposed some other decorations for this, so smart! Thanks for sharing at The Fun In Functional!

  17. The decor is AWESOME!!!! Such a great collection of halloween stuff!

    Thanks so much for sharing this at The DIY Dreamer.. From Dream To Reality! I'm looking forward to seeing what you link up this evening! :)


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