Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fred the Clay Pot Man and a Fall Garden

First of all, Happy Fall, Y'all!

A grass hopper let me get close
enough to snap this shot.

Now I'm not a frog lover my any means,
meaning I didn't play with them as a kid,
but we have seen so few of these
in the past few years that I was
actually happy to see him hopping about.

So here's Fred, my Clay Pot Man.
He's in dire need of a new chair to sit upon.
Plus one of his arms has slipped apart
from the other {I had them tied together
holding a USA flag}
He's tilting because of the poor choice
of seating I made when I built him.
He's big and he's heavy! So it's gonna take 
some "Man" power to move him onto his new chair.
And I had the best of intentions 
to do just that this summer...
 then it got hot... real hot... and gnatty... 
and buggy... and wasps have made their homes
inside of Fred's arms and legs... 
which means I won't be touching him till 
it get's cool enough for those 
bugger's to leave me alone ;-0

Here is my daughter's Fall Garden.
Turnips, carrots, beets, 
broccoli, spinach, and collards.
You can see she's trying desperately to
keep Suzie Cow out, and the rabbits out, 
and other varmints... but I spy a

Peeping {Prince} Tom Cat in the right hand corner!

And my latest stoneware find...
There are no markings on it but it's beautiful
and goes well with my 
Pfaltzgraff Folk Art collection.
It's filled with scented potpourri.

Y'all have a Good Day!

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  1. I love your pretty fall photos; especially fun to see your daughter's garden and cat. The stoneware piece is lovely!

  2. Wow...your clay pot man is neat! I've never seen one of those! Looks like alot of work!

    Your daughter's garden is great....I see the sneaky cat! lol!

    I love your autumn flag/banner too!

    Have a great day JoAnn!

    1. Hey Tammy! thanks, but not to hard to make, just heavy, depending the size clay pot person you want. The real trick will be moving him without breaking a pot ;-0

  3. I've always wanted to make a claypot person but haven't gotten a round to it ( a round tuit). Nice job. Like everything else, it needs to be kept up. :) Linda

    1. Hey Linda! thanks for coming over to comment. Fred is actually holding up well, he doesn't get the late hot afternoon sun - it's just the old chair has collected water and is sagging big time - plus I have to cut back my beautiful Knock Out Roses to get to him - but they will grow back. I think this weekend will be my target date of rescue - let's hope for cool but sunny weather ;-)

  4. I love the little garden. SWEET. I am here from Katie's hop and enjoyed visiting.

    1. Wonderful, so nice of you to hop over for a little while! I appreciate your visit and hope you drop in often ;-)

  5. what a wonderful garden you have, You clay pot man is terrific to. Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop xo

  6. He looks comfortable out there in nature, actually.

    Thanks so much for linking up at I Gotta Create! <3 Christina

  7. Fred is pretty cute. I like how he is all nested in among the plants. My grandson gave me a frog a couple years ago for our water feature. Didn't see him this year. So happy to have you share with Share Your Cup. Now following you.

  8. Love your clay pot man! He's obviously much loved. Thank you for sharing at Rural Thursdays this week. xo


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