Sunday, September 16, 2012

Fabulous Thrifty Finds

Hi folks! Here are a few fantastic finds
I thought I'd share with you. I think I've told you I collect vintage Revere Ware. Those lids were 50 cents each ;) The old blue-banded stoneware bowl was $12 :) We went to our very first antique auction a few
weeks ago and came cross some items that
are certainly worth mentioning, namely this
beautiful table cloth - it's HUGE. I've never seen one this long AND it's been HAND appliqued, with the pieces "turned under" and stitched.
I can't imagine doing something like this on 
this large of a scale. As large as it is, 
it only has two small stains that I believe I can remove.  

I walked into a newly opened local thrift shop and found THE MATE to a single pewter candle holder that I bought two states over, about a year ago... imagine my surprise and sheer JOY ;)

But that's the way I buy them... loners, although I love buying them in pairs when I can. And who knows, I just may find the mates to these two one day ;)

While at the auction, this box can up on the block. I initially wanted it to re-do as a toy box for my granddaughter's stuff in my living room...
but it's super heavy, and somehow, my husband has laid claim to it, putting it right in his "Man Cave."

You can even see the letter "A", over on the left side, I think I can see a B and C.

The "helmet" bucket needs a good cleaning,
but it will be used to hold pieces of 'fat.'
You know you're "Country" when you call
pieces of old pine kindling wood 'FAT.'

And one day at the GW, I found this beautiful dish, mostly likely used to hold flowers that were possibly  sent to a hospital patient. Not a chip on it! Now, you know when I laid eyes on it what I thought... 'That looks my like Sweet Pepper Rose!' How appropriate! So after the holidays, y'all will be seeing this dish, filled with green ivy as my header photo. 

I have some more great stuff to show you,
but that'll be another subject for another day.

Happy Sunday, Y'all!

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog form the hop. I'm now following you.

    1. Hi Rose Jess! so glad you following along ;)

  2. Look at you Go,Girl! What a bunch of wonderful finds there.....and it is so much fun to poke around those antique places......I think it is always so nice when someone "rescues" a piece like that tablecloth that took someone so long to make!

    1. Yes, I love going. My husband is always after me to 'start a business' but then I just laugh, because that stuff would end up in my house and not the store :) I tried to get a big shot of the table cloth, just to show just how big it is - I stretched it out, across my lazyboy recliner sofa, and there was about 1/3 of the cloth hanging down. Awesome work, I tell you!

  3. Hi JoAnn-

    You have lots of great finds here. I like that box...I think it would make a great case for displaying toys...or lovelies. Or man cave stuff!

    I like your header and the name of your blog. Came here via SSS, Pat

    1. Hi Pat, happy to took the time to come over and comment ;) Thanks for your sweet comment. And of course, now, I can think of so many other names, but I'll stick with what I have.

      Is there a story behind your blog's name? I love to hear it ;) Have a great week!

  4. Hey these treasure...the bowl specially!!

  5. JoAnn,
    Looks like some great finds. How neat to find the other matching pewter candleholder. Awesome!
    I went to a garage sale last week and posted about my thrifty finds that I ran across. So neat to be able to find some useable items while thrift'ing.
    Have a great week!

    1. Hey Jana! I know - it's the "thrill of the hunt" :) Thanks for commenting!

  6. You go girl! What treasures. I'm all over that tablecloth. I can imagine the fun of finding the candlestick mate. I love finding new treasures, but seeing yours brought a smile, too.

  7. Oh all of your finds are incredible!!!!! LOVE THEM and thank you ever so much for sharing them over at Junkin Joe! sending hugs!!!!

  8. Great finds! Love the pewter!


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