Friday, August 31, 2012

Pecan Brownie Pie and Awards, Paying them Forward

Pecan Brown Pie, baked by Stephanie
Substitute this simple item for a 'healthier' brownie
Made Better For You...
Substitute Apple Sauce for the Oil,
Add a top layer of as many pecans,
I say pea-cans, as you want :)
Bake as directed and Enjoy!

If you read my last post,
nominated by blog for the
One Lovely Blog and for the
Very Inspiring Blogger Awards.
(To me, these go hand in hand :)

Jamie's blog is chock full of
delicious recipes, loaded with a variety
that is sure to temp everyone's taste buds! 
Why not show her some blog love and hop over
to check out her site :) You are BOUND 
to find at least 10, or 15,
things you'll be bookmarking to cook!

On to the Awards:
I am to (1) thank the blogger who chose me and (2) "pay it forward" to 15 other blogs that I admire and love to read by leaving them a comment letting them know I've chosen their blog for the award(s), and (3) tell seven things little known things about one's self:
You can read a few HERE and HERE...and Here

So, after reading those, what else do I tell? I guess I'll call this "Confessions of a ________ Addict" 
I'll confess to some of my most hard core addictions:

1- Candlesticks, esp PEWTER - I cannot for the life of me NOT buy a pair of old pewter candlesticks (unless unreasonably priced)

2- Vintage Revere ware - pots, lids, sets... the first place I scan when I go thrifting is the pots/pans isle... for Revere ware.

3- Pfaltzgraff Folk Art - the REAL stuff, made in PA, USA!!!

4- Wooden Dough Bowls - but I don't have a REAL antique one yet :(

5- Stoneware bowls and crocks - I simply don't have enough money to buy all that I see and want!!

OK, Honestly folks, this is HARD to choose only 15!!! Please note that even if your blog is "award free", I still would like mention you here, because you are my choice, and well, I like your blog! But please do not feel obligated follow thru, if you do not wish to:

(1) Country Girl at Home - one of the most uplifting and delightful blogs I read, with great recipes and country/prim decor I love!

(2) My Heart's Desire - simply beautiful, one of the very first blogs that I "took notes from and learned" how to blog. 

(3) It All Started With Paint - what's NOT to love there?? Check out her painted porch floor!

(4) Civil War Quilts - There are some awesome quilters out there, but the ladies making THESE reproductions quilts, well, they are simply stunning... PLEASE hop over and check them out! 
BONUS FACTOID: I am a direct descendant of Georgia's Civil War Ancestry, on my Father's side. 

(5) Mod Podge Rocks! - a new blog for me, but I love it. I never knew there were so many different kinds, for different projects.

(6) Salmon Falls Prims - if you're a true lover of Prims, you gotta go there! Terrific items and decorating ideas galore!

(7) Stuff and Nonsense - you're sure to get hooked on Alison's humorous posts!

(8) Uncommon Designs Online - one of my "go to" blogs to see the latest "What's Up?" 

(9) I Gotta Create - Christina has a seriously awesome blog!

(10) The Brambleberry Cottage - I could just sit and look at her blog all day - Did you see her Up cycled Window Yard Conservatory?

(11) The Winthrop Chronicles - Great tutorials - click the tab

(12) Walking On Sunshine - another wonderful recipes blog!

(13) One Pretty Thing - A good site to go find awesome projects of ALL sorts, well categorized, Great Kids Crafts too! Something this Nana is gonna need to refer to very often, very soon!

(14) Ana White - this gal is awesome with designing furniture and other projects!

(15) Dollar Store Crafts - I can't end this without including this site - EVERYBODY loves to go to the $1 dollar stores, and general dollar stores - Did you see how she used the bottom of a glass to make designs on cookies? duh, why didn't I think of that?

Thank you to all these, and more,
for your terrific and inspiring blogs!
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  1. How awesome! I love learning new things about my favorite bloggers! I'm on my way to check out some of these blog since they're new to me :) Enjoy your holiday weekend! :)

    1. I'm sure you'll find a ton of great stuff - Happy Weekend to you ;)

  2. JoAnn, I am thrilled and honored to be among the blogs you chose to award! It really means a lot to know you enjoy I Gotta Create! Thank you SOOO much!

    1. Your welcome - you rock, bloggy friend ;)

  3. Yes they are pea-cans and I just happen to have mess of them in my thing missing from this recipe though...Vanilla Ice Cream!!
    Hush your Mouth Now!!!
    Gotta quit thinking about it! Lol!

    Well I can't wait to check out some of these new blogs!!
    Thanks for taking the time!

    1. Tee Hee! pea-cans all my life :-) and yep, gotta have some ice cream! thanks for stopping by to comment - have a great weekend!

  4. Congrats on the awards! You've got some pretty wicked addictions there, hope you're not planning to get into rehab any time soon. That pecan brownie is getting be excited for fall!!

    1. Hey Lynn! I know, I'm so baaad :) Wish I was in NC today at the Sleepy Poet Antique Mall, that places make me weak in the knees. I'm sure y'all have some pretty awesome thrifty shops / Antique malls as well - maybe one day I'll be able to travel up that way.

  5. Pecan pie is wonderful! And I say pea-can too. Thanks for the great blog list. I found you on the This Gal Cooks linky party.

  6. Aww...thank you so much JoAnn! You are so sweet!

    Thank you for the blog award. I appreciate you thinking of me. :) Thanks for participating in Pinned it Made it Monday and for sharing that pecan brownie pie! That looks so good!

    I too have a thing about crocks and wooden bowls especially! They just call to me!! :)

    I can't wait to check out some of those blogs....that Dollar Store Craft one I really need to check out!

    Hope you have a great week!


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