Sunday, July 22, 2012

Twine & Cork Top Candle Jar Lid Re-Do

Here is my re-do on my old Woodwick Candle Jar lid
that holds my cotton balls. 
I have more jars that hold my q-tips
and makeup rounds.
You may remember how I first covered them...

 Although I love red, I'm a bit bored with the look,
decided to update them...
Grab some jute twine and white glue 
(I used Elmers Glue All)
but don't - I Repeat - Do Not - 
try this with hot glue...
'Cause you gotta get your fingers in there
and work the twine nice and tight. 
I found this out the HARD WAY doing the sides-ouch!
Here is the top, just after I finished
wrapping it - you can see the wet glue but
don't worry - it dry's clear.
All dry and ready for your handle or top of choice.
So, I have a lot of corks on hand - 
and have had them a while now,
just not sure what I wanted to make with them.
I'm "Country" so a Cork Wreath would not fit 
into my kitchen's Saltbox House theme...
However, they do possess a rustic look, so...
my husband looked at me funny when he found
me in the kitchen cutting one of them in half,
partly because, well, I was cutting a small cork in half...
the other reason is I get that look on my face,
somewhere between an "I don't know what I'm doing"
and that "deer in the head light" look...
That'd be those light bulbs going off in my head,
ideas shooting around in there, like bullets...
"Do it this way... No, do it that way..."
I do hope letting the online world know that 
I have conversations going on in my head doesn't
prompt those "people in white coats" to show
up on my front door steps with a special white 
jacket of my own ;?
These jars have so many uses other that
holding bathroom items...
Try them at work with rubber bands, metal clips,
tacks, stamp rolls, etc.
Try them in the kitchen - wouldn't a jar
of cinnamon sticks look so pretty?

Happy Sunday, Y'all!
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    1. Hi, thanks for hopping over and commenting :) I appreciate your visit.

  2. Oh I do love jars! They call to me at flea markets! :) Love what you did with the twine! That reminded me that I meant to buy jute and forgot to add it to my list on Saturday.

    You have so many wonderful creations. Won't you consider coming over to link up to my Pinned it, Made it! Monday tomorrow with one of your creations that you possibly pinned?

    Have a great week, JoAnn!


    1. Yes I sure will - thank you for the invite :)

  3. That is so awesome! I love it. Wanted to let you know that I have the Sunshine Award waiting for you on my blog sweet friend!! HUGS

    1. Hi Kathy! thanks for you sweet comment on the post, and I appreciate your nominating my blog for such an awesome award - THANK YOU!

  4. That is soooo cool..Thanks for sharing. I love twine and ways to use it :)

    1. Hey Nancy! I have been itching to do something with twine, since seeing the many crafts out there, esp. the twine wrapped bottles - which has been added to my list to make. Thanks for your sweet comment and visit! Happy Monday!

  5. Good morning JoAnn!

    Thank you so much for participating and linking up with me for Pinned it, Made it! Monday! I'm so excited! You have wonderful creations to share. I appreciate you!

    Have a great week, my friend!


    1. A Great way to start the week! Thanks :)

  6. Looks really nice! New and improved! Thanks for the visit, your blog is really nice!

    1. thanks, trying to think outside the box a little with the cork :)

  7. This is AWESOME!! And very unique!! I totally love your updated lid!

    Thanks for sharing this at The DIY Dreamer.. From Dream To Reality!

    1. thank you for visiting, glad you like it - it was easy and fun!

  8. I love how this looks! What a fantastic idea...twine is my best friend, ha! Thanks for linking up with us @ Keep Calm & Link Up! Make sure to join us again this Friday :o)


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