Friday, July 20, 2012

Funny Friday - Prince, One Cool Cat!

Once again, Prince the Cat steals the show!
I just couldn't resist sharing these pics with y'all...

We had a bit of a nice breeze blowing this afternoon
(just enough to keep the Georgia gnats away)
so we spent the evening outside.
My husband decided it was a good time to show
Jorge, our daughter's boyfriend, who is Spanish,
how to throw and hit a baseball and softball.
FYI - Spain is all about Soccer - not football or baseball.
She took him to his very first ball game
ever in Atlanta last Saturday, so he was pumped!
(and they even won the game!!! Go Braves!)
While we were enjoying "the show", my daughter
spotted an additional spectator - 
Prince, our love-able, kooky cat,
who had perched himself in the midst of the action.
My bird feeder, to be exact.
The picture above was snapped while somebody 
ran after a missed ball...
Once the game resumed, he then went back to watching 
the ball go back and forth,
back and forth, back and forth...
Apparently bored by another missed ball,
 he used the next few minutes to stretch out again, 
until the ball was retrieved... again...
Then he notices me taking his picture 
and poses for a few snaps.
He KNOWS I'm watching him.
He KNOWS I'm taking his picture. 


Happy Friday, Y'all
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  1. How funny, cat in a birdfeeder. I wonder if he was hoping to catch some completely unaware birdie?


  2. Hee! He's been busy doing just that!! and he's cut down on the number of those pesky mocking birds - unfortunately, he is not choosy about the "flavor" - bluejay or bluebird seem best :(

  3. Oh, my gosh! How cute is that! I caught one of our kitties doing this same thing. But she is much more shy, and ran as soon as I got the camera! I am glad you have a little ham there!


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