Monday, July 23, 2012

A Sunshine Award on a Sunny Monday Morning!

What a wonderful way to wake up on a Monday morning!
A sunny one at that, down here in Georgia :)
My blog has received the Sunshine Award, 

Thank you, Kathy, for including my little blog
in your selections! I know some of them, and
I plan on visiting the others. 

If you haven't been over to Kathy's blog, won't you
please take a moment to hop over and read some
of her posts, and check out the other blogs that
she nominated?I'm sure she'd appreciate your visit. 

The Sunshine Award:
It is given to "bloggers who positively and creatively 
inspire others in the blogosphere."

Here's the Scoop on what to do upon receiving:
First, you should thank the person who gave you the award 
and link back to them.  Next, answer the following questions 
about yourself.  Then, choose 10 of your favorite bloggers 
and link their blogs to your post.  Be sure to let them 
know that you are nominating them for the award.  
Last, be sure to copy and paste the award to your blog!  

Here we go!
1.  Favorite color - Blue, in general, but lately I'm lovin' RED
                                                                         2.  Favorite animal- Dog, Bulldogs, to be exact... but we do

have a sassafras of a cat named Prince.

3.  Favorite number - 3, not sure why (?)

4.  Favorite Drink - HOT? Coffee; COLD? Sweet Georgia Iced Tea

5.  Facebook or Twitter - I have both ;) (finally)

6.  Good book or good movie - I'd rather watch a good movie, for the mere fact that once I start a book, I want to finish it in one swoop and not put it down. 

7.  My passion - Crafting, having something to do with my hands has gotten me through some dark days.(you know, the lemon/lemonade deal)

8.  Giving or getting gifts - Giving

9.  Favorite day - Saturday - no getting up to go to work!

10. Favorite flower - Sunflower; HOWEVER, I had a Rose - a beautiful peachy pink rose, that was most unique in that it smelled sweet, but  with a spicy twist - hence my blog's name, SweetPepperRose - it has long since died, the main plant itself, but a random wild rose bush has come up in it's place, with crimson leaves and a hint of that wonderful aroma. 

Now that you know a little bit more about me, it's time to discover more about 10 other great bloggers ;)

My Nominees are:
(1) Tammy at Country Girl at Home
(3) Mary at Sure As Eggs
(4) Jennifer at hoodies and flip flops
(5) Rachel at I Heart Crafty Things
(6) Margo at Joyful Homemaking
(8) Cari and Cortnee at Two Sasters
(9) Ginger at Savannah Granny
(10) Susie at Little Susie Homemaker


  1. Thank you for nominating me! It was so fun to read more about you. I love how you came up with your blog name.

    1. You're welcome! It was fun to answer them - I look forward to going back to each of your sites to read the answers :)

  2. Congratulations on your award, JoAnn! And thanks for passing it my way! I'll answer your questions in a couple of days. It'll be fun! Thanks again for the sweet gift in the mail!


    1. You're welcome, Tammy! I hope you enjoy the gift :)

  3. CONGRATS!!! And THANK YOU so much for passing it onto us:)

  4. You are so welcome!! Congrats. Your awesome blog deserved. I enjoyed reading more about you! Can't wait to visit your nominees. HUGS

  5. JoAnn! Congratulations on the Sunshine Award and thank you so much for nominating me! It's nice to get a chance to find out more about your favorite bloggers this way. Have a great week and thanks again! :)

    1. You're welcome Mary. I'm eager to read your answers :)


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