Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Heaven, I'm in {Blueberry} Heaven!

The last few days of stormy rains has really helped my blueberry bush!
They're getting nice and plump, just right for pickin' :) . . . 

And I love how nature ripens them, in stages, kind of like
the Now and Later candy, so I'll be gathering them
over the next few days. 
As I was gathering those that were ripe, I kept thinking of all the wonderful recipes to make with these beauties, that is, besides simply eating them by the handful, which I LOVE to do :)  And I'm not the only one.  
Suzie Cow kept a close watch on me.
I feel sure she was thinking the same thing.
And then Prissy the Cat - or rather PRINCE the Cat,
as we've discovered! kept doing his attention getting "play"
biting, right on the calf of my leg. Nothing serious, no marks.
Just letting me know I was ignoring him.
So I snapped his pic while he posed on our well worn
picnic table, which also serves as my outdoor
spray painting table, a casualty of my crafting.
Well, it just adds character to it.

Happy Wednesday, Y'all!


  1. Lucky! Blueberries will not be in season here until middle August. Enjoy them for those in the Last Frontier!

    1. Well hello Julia! Oh, yes, enjoying to the fullest! And putting some in the deep freezer. Hope your trip was all you'd hoped it to be. Several folks I talk with are in or have recently been to Ireland. So, I MIGHT have to start thinking about going there. See, I'm a land lover - not sure how I'd get there, so I'm happy you have posted such great pics and places to visit. Thanks for coming over to comment.

  2. Replies
    1. Hey Cherry, thanks - I love your site! I have a relative named Cherry :) Have a great weekend!

  3. So sweet JoAnn! There really isn't much I like more than fresh picked fruit. So many things to make from your new harvest. And I am a huge fan of Suzie the cow. Great pics. :)

    1. Hi Karah! blackberries are another favorite. Thanks for visiting me and Suzie :)

  4. You are seriously blessed, girl! YUMMMY...

    1. Yo Gwen :) I'll let you know when I hit the big time and you can come BMW shopping with me =)

  5. I LOVE blueberries! I wish we lived in a climate that was warm enough to grow them, but oh well. I know my kids would be in a race with Suzie as to who can eat them all first!

    1. Hi Tiffany! this bush is putting blueberries out like crazy this year! 7 quart bags thus far :) thanks for stopping by and hope you visit again.


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