Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Candy Jars from Candle Jars

Turn your CANDLE jars into CANDY Jars!

Remove the plastic rim cover to wash and remove the candle aroma. 
Some folks make a weak solution with bleach and water
and leave them a night or two to soak. Replace onto lid rim.
With a sharp craft knife of some sort, carefully remove 
ONLY the plastic "ribs" that create the suction.
You'll get a nice smooth surface, like this...
This keeps the plastic protection
around the glass lid to avoid chipping the glass jar,
and helps keep most of the air out, without all the
hassle of tugging on those super suctioned lids.
That's good news for kids dipping into the candy jar
and for old folk like me with a touch of arthritis.

Happy Tuesday, Y'all


  1. I really like the idea of making use of old candle jars!!

    1. Yes, there are endless possibilities :) thanks for popping in for a visit!


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