Saturday, May 12, 2012

Remembering Mothers' Days of Past

Happy Mothers' Day, Ladies!
Here are only a couple of my favorite
little things from the past...

A Mothers' Day Cherished Teddy Bear
from Stephanie. 
A small wooden trinket box from John.
It lives at my kitchen window and holds my jewelry 
whilst I wash dishes.
Stephanie never gets too old to
make me "refrigerator art" =)
She made this when she was in college.

Home last summer from Spain...

This is Sept 2010  - she's off to Spain to live and teach English...
SSOOO glad I had on my sunglasses - yes that is a
FORCED grin - I was bawling my eyes out,
and that's Ted's "I'm 'bout to" face. 
Of course, Stephanie thought it was hilarious that grown
up parents would act like that.... plus she was
on her way to FFREEEDDOOMMM!
(to get the full effect, you MUST say it like Mel Gibson in Braveheart)

And then there was the time John broke his
leg / ankle at the growth plate, trying to do
a wheelie on his 4wheeler... that he was told not to do...
I think this is where I'm supposed to say "Boys will be Boys"

We weren't the only ones super excited about
getting a baby boy... Stephanie was tickled
pink that she had a baby brother!

And Back from Spain again! Well Hellooo Brother!!!
He made it a point to wear his BULL shirt she had given him.

Here's John last Christmas, coming in out of the cold from
deer huntin' to thaw out in front of the wood stove.

My Mother, Mary Louise.
Jan 1933 - Dec 1992

Hope Y'all Have a Great Day!


  1. Such beautiful pictures of your family!! Love all your memories!! and past Mothers Day gifts!!
    Have a Happy Mothers Day!!

    1. Hey Cherry, thanks and hope your day is filled with happy memories as well :)


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