Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Apple Berry Ivy Eucalyptus Wreath TUTORIAL

I saw this wreath in an old Country Sampler 
magazine a long time ago and made it.
It was high time for some new eucalyptus
and in need of a good dust off,
so I decided to blog about this wreath re-do. . .

First... hats off to those of you who are darned
good at doing these tutorials. I did forget to snap a few pics!
Please refer to the picture during directions.

18" grapevine wreath
Ivy garland
Eucalyptus, several pieces, various lengths
Moss of your choice
Raffia for bow
Faux Apples, 3 or 4
Extra little berry strands, if desired
Cattails, if desired
(the wreath in the magazine did not have the
small berries or the cattails, those were my additions)

Also needed:
Hot glue gun & glue sticks
Heavy duty scissors 

Before beginning, decide your design area:
I liked the side view design of the wreath,
as was in the magazine,
but this can easily be adapted into a
bottom style or topper style wreath.

(1) Begin (not pictured - so sorry!) by
spreading out newspaper and place wreath on it.
According to your design area, randomly drizzle hot glue
and set your moss, letting it stick where it may - 
you'll go back later and fill in gap areas.

(2) Add Garland - I bought a cheap one at the dollor store;
snip off the end pieces and any extra plastic.  
Fold it in half, and twist it a couple times, for extra fullness;
Situate onto the now moss covered area;
Glue in place.

Note: this is where it is helpful to continue
with the wreath on a wall or door hanger, due
to the 3 D - ish way to add the remaining items.

(3) Add raffia bow - decide where you want it
and glue it in place. This picture was taken after the fact.

(4) Add your Apples, setting them at random angles.
I did not use any type of wooden dowel/toothpick to help
hold them, as they are light weight,
but do so if you like. You will need to hold it in place 
for a minute or two.

(5) Add in Eucalyptus - I like the "spike-y" effect
And this is where you decide to place where and
how many pieces you want to add.  Do pull
off the bottom two rows of leaves; this is 
where you'll add the hot glue and push into the wreath.
(6) Add in your berry strands, as directed above.
(7) Likewise with the cattails.
(8) Fashion a hanging ring with floral wire, if
not putting on a door hanger. 
Lastly, stand back and find those "holes" or
"too obvious" glue globs, and cover them with the
moss - watch those fingers and hot glue - ouch!

Happy Crafting, Y'all

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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Cherry! I love red and berries, so apples do the trick, without looking too Christmas-y. Thanks for popping in and commenting!

  2. Cute wreath! :) I love making my own wreaths. I meant to get around to making one for memorial day but never did and now we are going to be gone so i'll have to come up with something thats summer/4th of Julyish.


    1. Thanks Melissa! glad you stopped by :)

  3. I love that! I am a huge fan of making wreaths, I would make one for every day of the year if I had room to store them!

    I'm your newest follower!

    1. Hello! I'm a wreath junkie too, thanks for following along :) Have a great weekend!

  4. This is lovely! I really like it when real pieces are incorporated into a wreath--it makes the whole thing look lively!

    Thanks for linking up with Happy Homemaker Me, JoAnn! I'm so thankful to have you as a faithful follower!

    Blessings on your day ♥

    1. Bethany, thanks for your sweet words! Hopefully I'm back on track and can link up again soon with another goodie:)

  5. The colors and textures are wonderful!

    <3 Christina
    Thanks for linking up at the Wildly Original Round Up linky party!

    1. I appreciate your hosting a great party! Thanks for popping in to comment :)

  6. Love this wreath! I'm a huge eucalyptus fan, so you had me there! I've been following you on GFC and I'm now following on Linky as well :) Thanks for coming by!

    1. Thanks so much! I like putting all those elements together. Glad you stopped by and for following :)

  7. That is so pretty! You did an awesome job putting it together! Thanks so much for sharing at Thursday's Temptation.

    1. thanks Jill, and you have such a cute blog!

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    1. Thanks Kelley! glad you stopped by to visit and comment. Hope you visit again soon :)


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