Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tip Tuesday: Foundation, from the Top Down

Make-up foundation, that is.
If you're not doing this simple tip, you're throwing away money....
Of course, I've found that out by necessity,
waiting on my order to arrive.
When you find yourself running low, even after
you've pounded the imprint of the lid into your palm,
banged it on the counter top ten or twenty times,
don't throw it out... snip off the tip...
you'll be amazed at what it sticking to the side of the tube
and is still down on the bottom.
Which is a GOOD thing. That means it's actually
doing its job - sticking to vertical surfaces, like your face.
(well depending on the brand you use.)
As you wipe out the foundation from the sides,
clip the tube further down to get easier access to the bottom.
And, depending on how heavy you wear your make up,
you might even get another weeks worth out of it :)
Store opened tube in a zip lock bag.

Happy Tuesday, Y'all!


  1. That could save an untold amount of cash! Awesome tip!!!

    1. Yes ma'am, and to think of all that I've tossed in the past. Cha Ching

  2. Thanks, JoAnn. I've been opening tubes up and scraping out the last little bits.
    You're right, there's a bunch of product left.

    1. And these days, I need to make that dollar stretch! thanks for stopping by :)

  3. well i've been doing that with condiments or chocolate. now i can do it with makeup!


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