Friday, March 30, 2012

Willow Wreath and "Chocolate" Eggs

Spring Willow Wreath made from Dollar Store items

* One 10 inch wicker wreath
* One bag floral moss
* Seven (or more) willow flower stems
* Floral Wire cutters
* Bird nest (mine came from my maple tree)
* Two Birds
* Small Eggs
Glue gun and glue sticks
 I opted to spray paint my wicker wreath
a green color, to tone down the tan.
* Eggs are ceramic, with one coat clear sealant, and
spray painted in Miracal Brown from Dollar General.
I love birdhouses... what else can I say?

With wreath on newspaper, put glue over small 
sections of the wreath and press on the floral moss.
Clip off stems of willow from the main stem
and glue into wreath, in your desired position,
trying to keep it in a "swirl." 
Wow, I didn't realize how STICKY and Prickly
those things are to work with!
Seven stems of willow was obviously not enough, 
but it was all the store had left.  
Position the nest, eggs and birds; glue in place.

The idea for the candles set inside jars with split peas
came from Two Twenty One.
And the "chocolate" eggs, and bunny, ideas came from
The eggs rest on my antique Homer Laughlin
Virginia Rose patterned Platter.

Hope Y'all have a Good Weekend!
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  1. Hi, JoAnn:
    My gosh, everything looks like real chocolate!! You did a fabulous job on the wreath and the arranging of your bunnies and eggs.
    Honest, they look like chocolate!

    1. thanks, they do! I'll have to keep them out of reach of my husband, too :)

  2. JoAnn, you always have the cutest displays! I love birdhouses too and have a large collection. What a great idea with the wreath! I just bought some grapevine leaves and some pretty little lavender flowers to glue onto it, as I needed something over the mirror in my guest bathroom. I hope it comes out as nice as your wreath. You've given me some inspiration and a couple of ideas...thanks so much!

    1. Hey Lori, thanks for stopping by and commenting. I love the lavender flowers but have never used them in decorating. I'll be looking for yours - let me know when it gets done so I can check it out.
      Thanks for your sweet compliments!

  3. I love it all- the wreath, the birdhouses, and the chocolate eggs and bunny!

  4. awwww...this looks great!!! I love it!
    Plus, a craft you can make with dollar store items is great anytime! Thanks for sharing.
    P.S. I love your bird houses!


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