Friday, March 23, 2012

Sweet Easter Memories and Ornaments

Stephanie and I made these ornaments when 
she was a young teenager, when one year
I decided I wanted to do an Easter tree.
She made three beautiful felt Easter ornaments. 
My favorite is the one with the flower :)
I made the blue one with lace and faux pearl trim.
Two never made it to the finished stage.
I hope to finish those two this weekend.
I also made some felt carrots . . . 

the idea taken
from an old Country Sampler magazine.
The ceramic basket was given to me by
coworkers in March 1989 when John was born,
three days after Easter. I haven't had the
heart to spray paint it... yet... but...
you know that spray paint that has texture to it?
The kind that makes stuff feel all rusty?...
um... it's calling my name, LOUDLY.
Here is Stephanie at age 6, and John at age 3.
It was also the age of big flower print dresses,
and flat bow shoes. And little boy suites and white Keds.

Happy Friday, Y'all


  1. Love the picture of your Daughter and Son. You are right about memories of doing things with our kids. I have things sitting all around in the house and I still enjoy looking at them and remembering "WHEN" I think that is one of my favorite parts of my cook book is the clip art graphics that Nellie added to some of the recipes when she was 12. Time sure does fly doesn't it. I wonder what she would have done now at the age of 32. I am anxious to get them in the mail on April 2nd and can't wait for you to see the latest recipe I got in the mail 2 days ago. Have a great week end


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