Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring Sprung, Southern Style

All things are a'bloom down here in SE GA!
This is a LARGE salmon colored azalea group...
Those tip top blooms tower above my full sized Chevy Suburban.
Yes, those bushes are that big, and that Pine Tree is huge!
This is a beautiful spirea bush in my own yard.

A large dogwood tree in my front yard.
My salmon colored azalea is taking it's own time :)

This picture of my largest Bradford Pear tree was
actually taken about 2 weeks ago. A storm came through
and blew off all the blooms that very night,
so I'm glad I took this picture that day!

The Wisteria is just now blooming good.
Mine is white, other are a purple color.

Although this is a miniature azalea, it packs
a punch with its color and number of flowers. 

Hope y'all are having a Wonderful Wednesday!


  1. What beautiful blooms!
    Happy spring!

    1. It just stormed again so missed the wisteria pic - maybe tomorrow. Happy Spring to all!

  2. JoAnne, those are some great photographs! I had a salmon colored azalea at my old house that I just loved, yours is HUGE! I think I would enjoy sitting in that adirondack chair by the dogwood :)

    1. Thanks! My sweet son made the chair for me years ago in high school. It's showing it's age a bit and due a layer of paint.

  3. oooh lucky to be able to see the color and bloom of spring so early. It must add such joy to your days. Enjoy!

    1. Hey Julia! yes, it's lovely down here, actually the weather is SO warm, that plants / bushes that bloom in May / June, are blooming NOW. A little weird, but beautiful!

  4. So pretty!! I am so jealous we don't get to see that kind of beauty living in Vegas!

    1. Yeah, but hey, you got VEGAS! Thanks for visiting!


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