Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Easter Tree

I had a very productive Saturday, as you can see!
(and then nursed a migraine all day Sunday)
I finally decided to put up an Easter tree. 
I had seen many Christmas trees on blogs this past 
season, set up inside the crocks,
so I knew I had to do one. . .
I had been eye-balling this 2-tier table in a local
second hand store for about two weeks.
Another store has a round one, so it was a toss up...
I figured the rounded / squared (?) table
would fit better in this corner of the room.
Another great Salvation Army find for $5...
this tree has BROWN in the mix with dulled green needles -
 never seen one before, or since. Glad I got it.
Very Country.
I knew I was saving this shredded lot of card board for something!
It made a good stabilizer for the tree, once I managed
to stuff the stuff inside the crock : -)
Then the usual - first the lights, then the beads.
Another good find - 2 bags for 69 cents each. 
And the Country Angel for a buck at a flea market.
On with the hand made ornaments ;-D

Plus the two I finished, one with a pinked denim flower'n button

the other with a button bow made with jute.
I couldn't leave the shelves bare!
The rusty wheel barrel with soap came from
the perfect sized accent to my birdhouse bunny.
And Peter Cottontail with his bag full of eggs'n toys!
Now we're just waiting for the Easter Bunny
to bring us some goodies!

Up next... my attempt at a Spring Willow wreath...

Happy Gluing, Y'all!


  1. It turned out great!!! I love Peter Cottontail!!!

    1. Thanks sweetie :) Hmmm, wonder what goodies A.L., J.W., W. R., G.T. & Jo will be gettin' ? :D

  2. Hi JoAnn! I adore your tree! It is perfectly decorated and all your bunnies are sweet too!

    1. thank you kindly! those ornies are special, and now that we have a new grand daughter, I think this will be a new annual tradition. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  3. Your Easter tree looks wonderful. Love your handmade ornaments. Blessings ~Sara

    1. Hi Sara! thanks, they were fun to make - quick and easy peasy :) thanks for commenting!

  4. Cute! thanks for sharing with my newbie party. Please add my link or button. Perhaps I missed it.

  5. Your tree is darling with all your sweet homemade ornaments. I need to get some Easter decorating done!

    Have a lovely week!

    1. Hi Deborah, thanks for commenting. Hope your weekend is filled with decorating goodies!

  6. super beautiful tree. i'm just coloring an easter page and putting it on my fridge

    1. Aw, well, that's better than no eggs at all! it sucks that Spain has no craft stores where you are but here are some cool things you could try. Scroll through and check out these sites.

  7. So many creative Easter decoration ideas out there in the blog world ... including your adorable Easter tree adorned with hand made ornaments!

    I may need to give in and go all out in my house next year ...



    1. I know what you mean, I wish I could make a few of them all! So many talented folks out there. I'm always amazed at what I come across and then want to make it:) thanks for stopping by to visit!

  8. Hi, JoAnn:
    I think your tree is lovely. The crock you have it in is perfect. You did a nice job on the handmade ornies.

    1. Thanks, Susan! I think the crock was a good deal, too, $20 for a #2. Not sure, it was my first one that size.
      Have a good evening!


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