Thursday, February 23, 2012

TUTORIAL Prim Penny Rug Style Draft Stopper with bonus Stuffing Tip

Prim Penny Rug Style Draft Stopper tutorial

 Materials List:
1 to 1 1/4 yards main fabric for draft stopper
3 1/2"L piece of velcro strip (I used the 1/2"W)
Embellishments, if desired
Your choice stuffing materials

**Stuffing suggestions: rice, beans, fresh kitty litter,
sealed in sandwich bags; taped shut
If you want embellishing, use scrap materials,
buttons, beads, etc.  

I chose a thick, heavy corduroy type material
for the draft stopper, and old denim pieces 
and scraps in red for the "pennies."

Cut two strips of your draft stopper material 
 4 1/2 "  wide by *44" in length 
* the length will depend on your door's width.
I wanted mine to extend beyond my 36"
front entrance door to also cover the door trim.

If you opt to add embellishments, wait on sewing
the 2 strips together. If you want to leave it plain
go ahead and sew the strips, right sides together,
 using a 1/4" seam allowance, leaving one end
 open for adding the *stuffing. For the end's opening
turn under 1/4" and stitch a hem.
Turn right sides out. Proceed with velcro closure.

If you DO want to add embellishments, 
pick one of the strips to work with, 
on the right side of the material .
(Pictured here is my strip laid out for placement of my finished pennies)
For my larger circle using the denim, 
I traced around a can of furniture polish :)
For the smaller circle in contrasting red print,
I traced around a spool of thread ;)
Center the smaller circle onto the larger one,
and sew in place with contrasting colored thread,
using a zig zag stitch. Your machine may have other stitches.
I chose to add a button as well ;).
I made four pennies, so I spaced them evenly on the
right side of the draft stopper fabric, pinned in place, and
sewed them on with contrasting red thread,
again with a zig zag stitch.
On your opening end, turn under and stitch 1/4 "

seam (this is where you'll later attach the velcro).
Now sew the two strips together, 
with right sides together, on the 1/4" seam.
Turn right side out and press flat with hot iron.
For the closing end: Pull your velcro apart; 
stitch the top and bottom pieces into place by running 
a straight stitch to secure, then go back over with a 
zig zag stitch down the center of each velcro strip. 
Using velcro will allow you to easily remove your *stuffing
in order to wash the draft stopper when it gets dirty.

*Stuffing: I used ALL of a 5 lb. bag of rice, sealed in plain
fold-over sandwich bags, taped shut.
It worked out perfectly, for a total of 9 little bags. 
To judge how much to put in the bags,
hold it up with your fingers and they
should be just under 1/2 full, from the bottom fold; 
Sorry, I could hold and click at the same time =(
Carefully fold plastic over and over
and secure with a piece of tape.
I used strong packing tape for 
a good seal, and also tap the sides.
You should have 9 bags that look something like this

Slide'em all in and close the velcro strip!



  1. What a neat idea, JoAnn! I especially like the button idea, and enclosing the stuffing in the baggies. So smart!



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