Monday, February 13, 2012

New Blog "Country Is As Country Does"

Good morning fellow Bloggers, just wanted to let y'all know I've started a blog for my husband, Ted, 
so he can share his love of country living and interests of various outdoor activities. Nothing fancy, just COUNTRY!  
I will be moving some of my posts that were geared towards this, like my post "Thank God We're Country Boys!" to help keep my SweetPepperRose, um, "GIRL-Y" !?! BAH!

Y'all check out Ted's Blog Country Is As Country Does.
If your husbands have a blog, send the link
Ted's way. He'd be interested to see what other 
country fellows are up to in their spare time,
or better yet, if they've made their hobby into a business!


  1. Hi, JoAnn:
    This is great news for hubbies everywhere.
    How sweet of you.

  2. Good idea..My DH doesn't even know how to get on the internet...but he does know how to disconnect and hook it back up :)
    Good for your husband...hope he finds lots of other guys that like to do the same thing :)

  3. LOL! well, here's to hoping he can find some bloggin' "Mud Boggin' " buddies ;-)

  4. Thanks for this catchy blog. I am much delighted visiting here.

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    1. Thank you, kindly! I do hope you enjoy and will stop by to visit often :)


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