Friday, February 17, 2012

Getting Ready for Gardening!

All Pictures from Google Images
Soooo... it's mid February and many of you are probably wwwwaaaayyyy ahead of me in preparing your spot
for gardening this summer.
This picture is my
 Dream Box Garden, complete with
above ground boxes, fence, paving stones, and 
weed barrier which of course means
(there's not a smiley face big enough on the Net to insert in this space :)

Or the smell of fresh yellow squash and onions simmering in a tad of olive oil.  Can you smell it yet?
But since we live in the middle of deer and rabbit heaven,
we cannot grow a single pea. They keep them "mowed down" at the first sign of a fresh sprout - now why can't we get them to eat the GRASS like that???  They'd save us a ton on buying lawn mowers and gas and blades and..

As an added bonus, we live on top of 'Sand Hill', and y'all know what lives down in the sand pits that's been dug out by the gopher turtles... yep, "Bell Tails," otherwise known as
U.S. Eastern Diamond Back Rattlesnakes!!!!!
This is why we have a BIG, wide yard that is kept mowed 
so we can see where we step, AND why we have bulldogs.
Our sweet bulldog, Sallie, now gone, literally saved Ted about 2 summers ago, when he went out walking in our pine
thicket. She saw, or smelled, the snake before IT got Ted.

Which brings me back to the garden situation...
I gotta have it where I can see my feet.
It just gets too "snake-y" around these parts.
In other words, TED does most all the garden work  
plowing, planting (well, I do help drop the seeds) and picking.

So this year, I PLAN to have a fenced in, above the ground,
high quality weed barrier-ed 'Box Garden'.
Something on the lines of this...

With a HIGH FENCE, kinda like this one...
I don't THINK a deer can jump quite this high(?)

With tall boxes PLUS the weed barrier,
kinda like this one, and the paving stones,
kinda like the ones in the top picture.


Of course, I have to find someone to do all
that WORK... hmm, I wonder who? 



  1. I'm so excited about the summer garden! Please plants lots of squash! and we have to figure out a solution to the rabbits. :)

    1. I figure we can attached some screen wire down near the bottom, to help keep them out. I think even chicken wire holes are too big for the baby bunnies. Or maybe we need that too ;)

  2. I would worry about deer jumping since they can jump pretty high. Go to $ tree and buy some palmolive or dial soap (bars) and then cut in chunks. Put chunks in some kind of mesh and tie them closed and hang around garden at the top of the fence. This worked pretty good for us to keep deer out of our garden last year and we have the woods behind us. Don't know what to tell you about the snakes tho...I HATE snakes and won't even go in a yard where there might be some. Saw to many of them when we lived in AL and am very happy to now live where there isn't any snakes.
    Keep us updated as you plant your garden and harvest it. (Oh and planting Marigolds around bottom of fence helped keep bunnies a fence with small holes helped :)
    Have a great week end

    1. Nancy, Thanks so much for all this wonderful info! I will definitely do ALL the things you have mentioned. I am determined to make it this year, because I so miss what we call Cream 40s, a light colored pea with a wonderful mild taste. I was raised on black eyed peas and purple hulls and love them, but the 40s are better to me. I had heard about the marigolds, but someone also told me about putting human hair cuttings around the garden edge:) Guess I'd better start collecting Ted's hair, I give him "buzz cuts" and boy does his hair grow fast. Again, thanks so much!

  3. JoAnn,
    My Mr.CC is already planning his garden for this Spring...hope the new area works out good for him. Best of luck with yours, nothing better than fresh veggies.


    1. I hope y'all post some progressive pictures. I can use all the tips I can get! I have what I'd like in my head, but to get that on paper is another thing:)
      I'm no artist, just a doodle-er. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.
      Have a good afternoon!

  4. Wow, those are some very aggressive plans and some very large snakes. I think that I would garden inside...or go to the farmer's market. We don't do a lot of gardening here, some fresh herbs is all. There is an Amish produce market near here and produce is so cheap, you can't grow it for what they are selling it for. Several of us go together and buy because the lots are big and then we split it. Some hilarious outings though when we were not paying attention to the auctioneer and bought too much. One year I supplied a food stand at the fair with green peppers that I thought I was getting two cases and got seventeen!


    1. LOL, now that a lot'a peppa's! I already know my eyes often over fill my plate, so I'll have to keep the scale of it on a level I can handle. But, if we can keep the varmints out, then what does happen to grow will go in the freezer. And I only WISH we lived near an Amish market! Y'all are lucky:)

  5. What a great garden you have planned. I need to get busy planning my grandsons garden, we can't wait for all the fresh veggies.

    I found you via the blog hop. I am your newest linky follower and would love it if you would follow me back.

    Have a great week.


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