Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tip Tuesday: Use Vanilla Extract To Freshen Ice Cooler

Has anybody ever used your "NO FISH" ice cooler for... fish?  Can't seem to get rid of that FISH-y smell?  Or any funky cooler odor, for that matter? Try this:  After washing and drying your ice cooler, get out your VANILLA EXTRACT and a paper towel; liberally wipe the inside of the cooler with the V. E. using the paper towel; close the lid, leaving the paper towel inside the cooler over night; rinse the V. E. out of the cooler the next morning (discard the paper towel.)                                               Ta-da... no more stinky odor ;)

Got any other remedies for this similar problem?
other than NOT putting fish in the cooler ;)
I welcome your comments!



  1. That is very cool. I have never heard that but will remember that for future use. Coolers seem to hold smells, don't they?

    I've heard of baking soda in the refrigerator to absorb smells.

    Thanks for sharing the tip!

    Have a great evening! :)


  2. OOOOOO....Thats a great idea. I usually use Mr. Clean with Gain in John's lunch cooler but I will be giving this a shot!!!


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