Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tip Tuesday: Use Nail Polish Remover to Remove Ink Pen Stains

Use nail polish remover to help take out ink pen stains, such as Bic, but not permanent markers 
like  sharpies, from items made from cotton and cotton blends, like denim, twill slacks and jackets, 
cotton/poly blend dress slacks, 
cotton sweaters, most anything than can be put into the washing machine. 
For the stain, pour nail polish onto the ink mark and rub it in for a few seconds. 
Use a liberal amount and rub well. 
I let my items set on top of the washer while it fills with water.  I wash in warm to warm/hot.
Toss in the item as usual.
It should come out clean - if not, then repeat the process before drying. 

Do you have any tips that removes ink stains?
Spaghetti? Red Clay dirt?
I'd love to hear your comments.


  1. I wonder if it will take out puke stains...it seems like everything I own has those now-a-days :)

    1. LOL! well, you can surely give it a try ;) it couldn't hurt.

  2. How do you get out grease stains? :)

    1. For the black greasy gunk stains I soak the clothes in my kitchen sink and lots of dish detergent and then scrub them out with a nail brush :(

  3. hmmm, that'd be Mrs. H's dept. John is always up to his elbows in grease :)


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