Saturday, January 21, 2012

HomeMade Thread Spool Board

This is our version of a home-made thread spool board adapted from one I found over at Craptastic that Katie made.  You can find her tutorial there.
 My husband, Ted, made this from spare wood lying around the barn.  It's a good bit smaller that Katie's - mine it about 11"w x 19"h.  I wanted to use the same type of nail Katie used, called finishing nails, because they have no heads and the spools can easily slide off and on.
Also, Ted added the L shaped side pieces, making mine be a free-standing board.  I didn't want it to scratch up my wallpaper ;) Katie's leans against the wall.
She did a great job on the staining and painting the chevron pattern. I just used old spray paint. 
While Ted was making it, I thought this would be big enough but as I started putting on my spools, I quickly realized 
"I gotta have a bigger board!"
Well, this one's a start anyway - this one can hold my bobbins.
Maybe next weekend... for the bigger one?? Honey... please???

Happy Saturday, Y'all!
BTW It's almost 80 degrees here in Sunny SE GA :)

Thank You to Katie at Craptastic
for the tutorial!



  1. Your thread holder turned out great!! I love that it's freestanding! Right now I'm just sliding all my bobbins on the nail first, then I slide on the spool! Great job!!

  2. That turned out great! That's a great way to know what you have, all my thread is shoved in a box!


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