Thursday, December 1, 2011

Pfaltzgraff Folk Art Made in USA

Pfaltzgraff Folk Art made in USA

the old Castle stamp USA

Here are a few pieces of my beloved Pfaltzgraff Folk Art collection, Made in the USA, a pattern I wanted badly when I married back in the early 1980s but could not afford it. So a year or so ago, I decided I would sell the dinnerware I had and get the one I truly wanted. I SLOWLY began purchasing P.F.A. pieces from ebay and other sites. I continue to build the 'Made in USA' pieces today. It was produced in Pennsylvania, up until the late 1980s.  I feel sure some of you know, or have known, someone touched by the closing of many American industries, mostly textiles. Eventually Pfaltzgraff followed suit.  

I love items with words on them... Cookies... Milk... Butter... I was tricked with a 
large butter pat dish, thinking I had purchased the 'real McCoy' (Made in USA). 
I was very disappointed to see the Made In China ink stamp on the bottom of the dish. 
I didn't know at the time they sold themselves out.

Today I was reminded of this fact by an old school mate to buy 'Made In America' items this year, especially for Christmas.  And I do. When I can afford it.  I really took this personally, because, after all,
it is BIG CORPORATE that decides the "who, what, when, and where" that will fatten their wallets the most, not the struggling Americans from whom their jobs were taken.

I have begun some home-made projects this year. 
I guess that is, technically at least, made in America. 

I admire many of the home made items I see on Etsy and on the selling Blogs. 

I wish many sales for you this Christmas season!


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  1. My husband started us a set of these dishes sometime in the 1980's after I had expressed a real interest in them. I had seen the cup and saucer in a show room catalog and fell in love!

    We quickly collected a large set with many extra pieces and sold our Corelle ware every day dishes. We like the Folk Art so much that we have rarely used our china since acquiring it.

    One of the reasons we were willing to pay so much was that it was American made. I have only bought replacement pieces since they started making it in China. Even though they are quite acceptable looking, they don't have the same look. If you place two of the same piece side by side, one US made and one China made, you CAN tell the difference. The US made is more aesthetically pleasing. I don't know how the company continues to stay in business. If a person is just looking for a decent looking set of dishes made in China, there are far cheaper ways to get one than buying Pfaltzgraff!


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