Sunday, December 11, 2011

Favorite Santas #4

Favorite Santa #4 (or maybe this one should be #1)
A Santa after my own heart... enjoying a good cup of joe!

Favorite Santa #3

This is one Santa that doesn't leave all the work to his elves.
He gets in on the action and admires his handy work,
painting a little toy solder. Instead of elves, little kitty cats
run around his feet having a jolly ol' time. 

Favorite Santa #2
This little guy is the spitting image of what pops in my head
every time someone says the words "Santa Claus!"
Kind of a 1950s style face bringing the sweet and simple toys
of Yester-year: a dolly, a lolly pop, a ball,
a drum and a teddy bear.
Not sure if you can tell in the pic, but his lashes are
long and his beard, fur and the snow
is done in a crackle type finish, adding to the
"really old" antiqued look.

Favorite Santa #1
As a collector I have a lot of 'favorite' Santas,
but to me, I think this one really says it all. 
Here, Santa is leaving gifts for a sweet sleeping child,
who went to bed early in hopes of waking to find his favorite toys!
I sure hope he does. 


  1. Blog surfing and found you. I see Sgt York is one of your favorite movies. I went to the high school named after him.Thanks to him I had a descent school to attend.

  2. Wow, that's so interesting! I just love the old movies, the ones with a REAL story to them. Thanks so much for joining my site!

  3. Hi Joann! Just stopping by your blog to say hi and to follow you.. Thanks for visiting me on mine. Have a great weekend..Tina


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