Thursday, December 15, 2011

And The Stockings Were Hung...

I could post Christmas pictures all year long :)
but to save time and Blog space, here are a few pics
of my Favorite Things...

What I call "A Gentle Reminder" above the kitchen sink...
One of my small ceramic Nativity Scenes
And the Stocking Were Hung...

Y'all, I LOVE my flatscreen, and, simply put, this was the only logical
place to put it, but... now I have no place for my gi-nor-mous Santa picture that I bought at Kirklands as a Christmas gift to myself (insert BIG GRIN here)
I've been putting St. Nick over the mantel for the past few years
(the one in my Blog header) He's gorgeous! 

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree...
I'm so glad I decided to buy a Super Slim. 
Got it at Tar-get, as Tyra Banks pronounces it,
 for $30 as a last-one-standing-no-box
Day After Christmas Sale deal. Yay!

I love browsing through other Bloggers decorating photos to get new ideas.
And I can really appreciate the time and effort that's put into it.
(Because I know what effort it takes :)
It's fun to see how other folks put different items and color schemes together,
usually something I'd never think of doing. I hope you enjoy mine.

Merry Christmas!


  1. welcome to blogland
    and thanks for stopping by
    Fridays Unfolded

    so glad to 'meet' you
    and catch a glimpse of your
    lovely Christmas home.


  2. Have you tried out Pinterest for decorating ideas? It's a wealth of pictorial info - and a huge time-eater, so be careful! Send me your e-mail and I'll send you an invite!

  3. I thought I was following you. Well I am now for sure. Ten is a good start. I had 14 forever. Merry Christmas

  4. Thanks, y'all. I appreciate it. I am beginning to understand all the sweet "warnings" about Pinterest - Love it, and yep, y'all are right... I look at the clock and go "what?" ;)

  5. Love your mantel and fireplace decorations...absolutely lovely!


  6. I am in love with your skinny tree and plan to usurp that idea for next Christmas. I must avoid the stinkin' real trees apparently! I so love that all and slender figure!


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