Thursday, November 10, 2011

Baby Flannel Play Quilt from Recycled Materials: Part One

This quilt top is made of cuttings from a 4-pack of baby flannel blankets,
which, by the time I washed and dried them a couple of times,
shrunk considerably. What to do? a light bulb went off in my head...
I cut each flannel blanket into four 10 inch squares, and
bought 1 yard of material, pink with white polka dots.
I machine stitched the squares together, on the 5/8" seam mark. 

Notes to Self: 
Get a cutting mat and a rotary cutter!!!
Do not cut using the previous piece of material as a guide!!!
Get the right size thimble - needle sticks hurt =(
Don't curse the material Buy a large seam ripper!!!

I recycled a portion of my old king sized mattress cover
to use as the batting.
I have picked out a lovely soft green print material as the backing.

Now, if I can just get my stitches the same size....  I 
need lots & lots of practice.

My goal this weekend is to finish up this project.
(if I can find the right thimble - I hate sore fingers!)
I will post pictures of the end result Monday... or Tuesday....
might better make that NEXT Friday ;)


  1. ...which I FULLY intend to finish ;) I do believe that will be my New Year's Resolution #1 Finish That Cat Quilt


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