Saturday, July 9, 2016

Simple DIY Outdoor Wedding Arbor


 Hi all! I thought I'd share just a few photos of the arbor 
we built last August for our daughter's outdoor wedding 
in September, for only a few dollars. 

Seriously. 2x4's. Painted white. That's it.

Sorry, no time for step by step photos, and I only had a 
short time to snap these with my phone camera, but I 
know you savvy DIYers out there get the gist of it...
Three 10 ft. 2x4s...that's it. Two of them have about
 2 ft. buried in the ground. The third one had the ends
cut off to use as side braces and to stabilize the top board.

A dear friend of hers from her workplace did
all of her flower arrangements, as her wedding gift.

The wedding time was late afternoon, and, as you
can probably tell in the photos, it was cloudy...
and it DID RAIN about 2 hrs prior to the wedding!
Daughter originally wanted to use wood branches/small
trees for the arbor, and build wooden benches.
When she decided the time of the wedding, we all decided 
with the wedding being late, and no sunshine, 
that WHITE would POP against the natural background of grass
and trees - I'm so glad WHITE was chosen.

But it worked out to the good. Down here in South GA,
it was a HOT and MUGGY morning. 
All of God's pesky critters were threatening to 
RUIN the wedding... Gnats, Wasps, Mosquitoes, Flies.
You name it, it was buzzing around. 

But the rain subsided, and for September in the South, 
we were left with a relatively much cooler and 
mostly bug-free evening. Thank you, Lord!

The framing for the "Entrance" old wood doors was
made in much the same way, except the
doors themselves had wooden shims drilled in them
and drove into the ground.  I used black chalkboard
paint on two old children's headboards, one used here 
to welcome guests and announce the wedding party.
It was propped against a old table used for a water jug and
cups for guests while they waited for the Wedding March.
(the other used to announce the evening's menu)

We used an old dry sink with mirror
to hold the bug spray (not even used!) and
the Wedding Programs (not pictured due to rain!
they were set out just prior to guests arriving.)

Daughter preferred to use her old school globe for her
guests to sign there names in lieu of a traditional guest book.

Simple grapevine wreathes with baby's breath tucked
neatly around the bottom adorned each door, so pretty!

And what outdoor country wedding would be complete
 without a Pallet Project or two? 

TIP: set out a "Deer Cam" (left side, on the post) 
to capture random photos!

And, I just had to share this photo. Our family RARELY 
has a dance at weddings, so this 'Father-Daughter dance' pic is
very special to me! Those two little girls at the bottom of the 
photo (actually there were about 6 girls or so sitting there), 
they simply sat with there mouths open, staring at the 
"Princess of the Evening."
It was so precious!

 We transformed our boat shelter into an all out "Party House",
 complete with dance floor and lighting. 
The Best Man provided the music via his iPod and 
portable mega speaker,
and they danced and sang til Midnight!!

The Bride

The Bride and her Grandmother

If you are in the South Carolina area, esp Greenville, 
and are in need of a photographer for any special occasion,
please consider Kendra Martin Photography. She's terrific!
If you click the link above, you will see various sample 
wedding photos, including some of my daughter. She is
the dark haired beauty with her man and wedding party
in the Pine Forest near our home.

To view more great photos of the wedding, click here
You'll read a short overview of their wedding written 
by Kendra Martin on her blog, and even get a glimpse of  
my lovely little grand-daughter and grandson, who were  
Flower Girl and Ring Bearer.

NOTE #1: that is plain juice in his cup - he was tuckered out!

NOTE #2: Her diamond ring is actually a combo of two of
my old 14k gold and diamond rings - the band with the
"open side loops" was part of my "pre-engagement ring" her 
Daddy gave to me when I was only 16 years old!
(And Yes, I am, well, over 50 )
The diamond "head" part was cut from my wedding
ring set, and made into a necklace many years ago.
So, with both pieces just sitting in my jewelry box,
I had our local jeweler make her ring, as 
her "Something Olde" and now, her Something Special.

Thanks for stopping by!

I'd love to read your comments.


Saturday, April 9, 2016

Granny Square Tote Bag Purse All Around Pattern

 Here's another great item that is ready in 
my Etsy shop It's a great multi purpose bag
made with premium acrylic yarns and cotton blend lining.

Nice sturdy handles!

Double lined - ecru to prevent see thru to pattern
and a lovely print inner lining machine
stitched for extra durability to hold heavier 
objects like books, water bottle, baby items - 
you name it!

has a "Button and Crochet Loop" top closure

and an inner zipper pocket.

Could even be an overnight tote. 

Endless uses and possibilities!  


Thanks for looking!


Monday, March 28, 2016

SweetPepperRose Etsy Shop Now Open!

45"w x 55"L Afghan

36" x 36" throw

Granny Square Tote Bag with Lined bag AND Handles
to control the stretch!

Hi All!  Just dropping a line to let you know I have opened my Etsy shop 
and have a few items listed for sale -
with FREE SHIPPING for a limited time!

Check it out if you're interested!


Wednesday, March 16, 2016

WIP: All Around Granny Goodness

WIP... these lovely Spring colored "all around"
 granny squares are shaping up
to be my next project. 

I've made a few items that will be available 
in my Etsy shop soon.

Stay tuned!

They remind me of Easter egg colors!


Saturday, January 23, 2016

Maybelle Crochet Flower and Square afghan

Hello again!  Here is one of two blankets I made as
Christmas gifts, using the Maybelle crochet flower pattern 
(link to pattern below), one for my daughter and
one for my DIL. 

I really like the contrasting colors.
I used Hobby Lobby "I LOVE THIS YARN"
Linen and Greybeard

You can find the pattern here.

Check out the one I made for my 
granddaughter here

Thanks for stopping by to visit!


Sunday, December 27, 2015

Maybelle Flower Crochet Blanket

Hi all!  Hope your 2015 Christmas was Merry and Bright!
It's been a while since my last post,
but thought I'd share a pretty blanket that I
crocheted for my sweet little granddaughter 
for her Christmas gift.

It's the Maybelle crochet flower, 
and the pattern can be found at

Flower and the surrounding block square

I really wanted to take it outside to photograph for better lighting,
but it was a wet gloomy hot Christmas day
down here in South Georgia.
So, my sofa and my bed had to suffice for display.


This pretty baby is a hefty 11 inch block, 
25-block blanket.
5 rows across, 5 rows down. 

I did not intend to make it this large, but
she will grow into this. Somehow I just did not like
ending the block with the white border,
so I added another 2 rounds of the pink.

Because I do not live near a Hobby Lobby, my favorite
yarn choice, I LOVE THIS YARN, was not readily available
on such short notice...

I churned this baby out in 2 WEEKS!! Whew!

I took a BIG leap of faith and used Red Heart's LOVE yarn, 
which is a VAST improvement over their supersaver 
(which I will NEVER use again!)

Colors: Papaya, Minty, and White

She loved it, and I hope she will treasure it for a long time.


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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Bed Bench with BarnWood Seat

I know bed benches are all over blog land
(search 'how to make a bed bench' tutorial)
but we were pretty proud of this one
as it was a gift to our daughter.
She loves it.

We had some left over barn wood and used
it as the seat, sanded and sealed with poly.

I'm such a bad blogger - I completely forgot
to take proper pics of the next shutter shelf
I made last week. It is already in my booth!

Here's a sneak peak. I will try to remember
to get a better photo when I go in to 
rotate items this week.
Here is a shot of the bottom section. I love
the mixture of old white flooring, barn wood, and
old pieces of "newer" scrap wood. I say old 
"newer" as we keep odd pieces of scraps, literally
for years. We know we'll use it for something!

Instead of another corner shelf, I chose to make a 
regular shelf, using the shutters for the sides and 
scrap wood for shelves. You can see I used another
piece of the old green baseboard at the bottom.
I sealed it with poly to prevent the remained old
green paint from chipping off.
It's the last of it - the remainder has a split in it.

Til next time!


Friday, July 31, 2015

DIY Shutter Corner Shelf

I recently acquired several old shutters from a yard sale at a
"get-them-out-of- my-sight-don't-wont-to-lug-them-home-with-me" price.
Um, YES, thank you!
 Above is the finished product in my booth.
I went with green, lots of items go with green.

 My shutter stash in my junk/craft room.
Please tell me you have a room like this, too!

 I wanted the bottom part to be larger then the top, so I chose two sets of larger shutters, two sets of smaller shutters, 
and used scrap lumber for the "shelves."
I used scrap lumber for the side braces, helping to keep the shelf nice and sturdy - I even disassemble some broken shutters
and used the shutter opener thing-y
 (I know there's a proper name for it)
as trim on the shelves, covering the rough edges. 

This is just a shot of my ability to correctly use my husband's miter saw - I cut it just right! Excuse the blinding flash, but I tried to show an old piece of board I used as a base board.

And here it is before painting.
You can see the old base board was chippy green.
I kinda wanted to leave it all rustic-like, 
but some of the shutters had bad stains on them.
Didn't look good up close.

I know I have posted in a while, hope you're still following!

I have more shutter projects coming soon.

Due to those pesky spammers, I have changed my comment settings,
but I'd love to hear from you.



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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Vintage Yellow Cupboard with Chicken Wired Doors

Hello fellow bloggers!
Wow, it's been a very long time since I've
made a post about a project here on the blog!

Been busy, busy, busy as a bee, and tired, tired, tired.

Which, if any of you followers are reading this,
the blog has taken a back seat since I opened a booth
at a local vintage / antique mall.

Just don't have the time to do it all...
work a job, work on house work, work on projects,
then to photo and blog about them is next to impossible.

Doing all that while battling migraines and fibromyalgia
only adds to the "no blogging" absence.

But today I felt like sharing one of the projects
my husband and I recently finished, and to my surprise,
the store owner decided to place it in the foyer entrance
of her store ;-) (only the yellow cupboard, yellow birdhouse
on top and yellow honey bee cookie jar are mine).

No before picks - just picture plain old dark brown.

I juggled RED or YELLOW for the exterior of the cupboard. But
I happened on  an "oops" gallon of yellow paint for only a few bucks.
So that was the deciding factor on that part.

I had 3 silver colored cabinet handles left over from another
project, so we left the chicken wire that we placed in the 
upper cabinet doors (one glass pain was broken) as it came,
so that it would match up nicely. I distressed the entire cupboard 
lightly on places that would normally get scuffed over time.
The original bottom door magnets were still in tack, but
the doors would not stay shut. We improvised and added wood 
handles  (I know there's a proper word for those)
to keep the doors closed. 

I hope to share more projects and post very soon!

Til then, Happy Painting!


Friday, December 5, 2014

Painted Gentlemen's Chest with Shaving Mirror

Just popping in to share the my latest paint project. 

We bought an antique shaving mirror that
was in bad shape and decided to paint attach it
to this Gentlemen's chest I won at an auction. 

I love the fedora hat storage compartment.

My choice of contrasting grey was a bit too dark so I did a
lighter colored gray wash on the drawers, top and sides. 
The love white R*stoleum 2x the Coverage paint so I chose that to use on the mirror and trim areas of the chest. 
It all blends nicely.