Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Crochet Solid and Traditional Granny Square Red and Aqua Throw

There's just something about RED Aqua and white
that I just love. Well, the actual name is "Turqua," by
Red Heart. A fabulous blend of turquoise and aqua.

And I'm a jewel tone color girl. Imagine that.

Yes, I know, it's Red Heart SS, but once you WASH IT.
Oh my. Well, it's heaven by the handful.

Yes, you read it right.  I WASHED IT.
RED. with WHITE. and that lovely Turqua.
You gotta love that!
Washed separately on COOL/COLD temp, Delicate cycle, 
with plain old, el cheap-o hair conditioner,
then Downey in the Rinse cycle,
Gentle tumble dry on LOW heat = MAGIC SOFTNESS.

Oh, and I, well I....  I ironed it. 
No, no, no, the iron was NOT directly ON the throw.
I ain't THAT dumb!  
I used a very old-washed-100-times
white t-shirt, double thickness, with the iron's dial
set on none other than the ACRYLIC setting.

Low, at first, I kept feeling my hand between
the t-shirt and my throw, until I felt it was
safe to go just a little warmer. 

Enter a big smiley face here.

I'm not a pro at crochet by any means, 
but as I crochet more and more, 
I'm finding that I like less of the "hole-y" patterns.
I'm more of the Solid, All-around Granny Square kinda gal.

I was feeling a little adventurous. 

So I dabbled a little with design and threw in 
the traditional granny square for good measure.

And came up with this. 

Not too shabby, eh?

I just love the 'dotted 'X' the solid granny shows.

Another gift checked off my list!

Happy Crocheting, Y'all!


Friday, November 4, 2016

DIY Wood Pumpkin Lanterns

Hey y'all!  Back to share another scrap wood pumpkin project.

I call these pumpkin lanterns because I put battery operated
blinky lights in them for illumination. (see last photo)

Sizes vary according to my scrap wood, one
is 16" the other is 18" (not including lids)

I drew free-hand the eyes and mouth then cut out
with my scroll saw.  (The lids stay put with an extra
piece of smaller scrap wood secured underneath)

I painted the insides with yellows and bright oranges
before I assembled them.

I also free handed the pumpkin handle stump,
glued and brad nailed into place, wrapped with rafia.

For the crow, after I cut it from scraps, I drilled a
very small hole in both his bottom and top of lid,
and hot glued a piece of small dowel to secure,
then glued Spanish moss to cover. One also has a 
sunflower secured with hot glue. 

I use battery operated blinky lights to illuminate.
(I do not recommend wax tea lights due to fire hazard).

The yellow and bright orange paints really light them up!

I use these indoors but you could also use them on a
covered porch. I would spray them with a clear outdoor sealant.

I meant to post this project before Halloween, but I
just did not get around to doing it. 

Happy Fall, Y'all!


Monday, October 24, 2016

Wood Pumpkins from 1x6 Scraps

1x6 Scrap Wood Pumpkins

Happy Fall, y'all!
I never get tired of hearing or saying that.
It's MY most wonderful time of the year.
No gnats! No mosquitoes! No Sweating!
That's a plus, plus, plus in my book.

It means (on a good day) I can get outside 
and into our workshop building without 
sweating to death to make something.
Around here, one cannot even walk out to
the mail box with out sweating nearly to death. 

O.K., on with the show...

Today I'm sharing a set of scrap wood pumpkins
that I made last year for my antique / unique 
mall booth, and of course I had to keep a 
set of them for myself  ;-) 

(Yeah, I ought'a do a separate post sometime
about having and maintaining a booth,
while battling fibromyalgia and migraines.
Yeah, I know. )

Look! My secret stash. Well, one of anyway.
I saved all these scrap pieces of wood
from my husband and fire pit. Baah!

I did not take step by step photos while
making these pumpkins, cause I'm
just not that good at juggling blogging
and making or buying booth items.

But I'll come back and edit this post
with instructions when I make another set.

EDIT: Written Instructions:
Scrap 1x6 wood in three various heights.
Mine are 12", 9", and 6" because
that's what I had on hand

2 - pieces of wood for each size pumpkin:
Cut the corners with a miter saw;
Cut ONE of the pieces of wood in half;
Glue and nail it to the center of the other piece;
Glue and nail small tree limb nubs to the top;
Paint and add rafia.


Here they are beside my Sweet Witch and my
pillow made from the leg of some old jeans.
I've moved them around the house a few times 
and can't decide where they should go so
at the moment, they are on this antique door
display piece that did not sell. Oh well. I made
good use of it in that special spot in MY house.

Happy Crafting, Y'all!


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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Natural Acorn Wreath, Spray Painted

Living "out in the sticks", as my dear Mother always
used to say, does have quite a few perks.

Other than the peaceful quite, where we live,
there's an abundance of natural FREE elements
to decorate with - and acorns are one of them.

A couple of years ago, I made this Acorn
Wreath and spray painted it orange
for the Halloween / Fall season.
I love orange!

Not that it's 'rocket science,' but here's the gist:

Foam wreath * see note 1
Acorns, cleaned and baked * see note 2
Glue gun and glue sticks
Spray paint (your color choice)

 * NOTE 1: For this project I strongly recommend
the round solid foam kind and not the DIY kind,
such as pipe foam insulation secured with
duct tape. This will be a rather heavy wreath.

* NOTE 2: Before you start this project, 
you WILL need to wash and BAKE your
acorns - they really do have bugs and bacteria
inside them!
Go here for instructions to do this.

Did I say you'll need some acorns
for this project? 'Some' means LOTS 
and lots of acorns.

After the cleaning process and your ready,
pop in a movie (or two) and begin hot gluing 
acorns to the wreath. Use the smaller acorns
to fill in any gaps between the larger ones.

Then spray paint it your desired color.

I use my wreath indoors, but I suppose you 
could use a clear exterior sealer if you choose 
to hang your acorn wreath outdoors.

Super easy peasy! A little time consuming, but 
you'll have a beautiful wreath for years to come.

As I said, this will be a slightly heavy wreath,
(as compared to most) so you could use color coordinated ribbon or burlap to hang it, or
or simply prop it up on your mantel or a shelf.
(Sorry for the blurry pics - phone camera!)


Happy Crafting, Y'all


Friday, October 14, 2016

"Solid Circles" Granny Square Cotton Baby Blanket

Happy Friday, y'all. 
Here today to share a nice little blanket I made
for my newest grandson, a
 Solid Circle Granny Square baby blanket, made from
100% cotton Sugar & Creme and Peaches & Creme.

I think this yarn is used a lot for dish clothes,
and I did have my doubts while working up the circles
then assembling the blanket because it is not as soft as
the acrylics I'm used to working with, which is mostly
Red Heart's LOVE or Hobby Lobby I Love This Yarn.

But after giving it a good ironing, it is as soft as ever.

Next time I'll be using 
Hobby Lobby's I Love This Cotton.
(I just wish each skein had more yardage!!)

I can see this pattern done in so many different color 
variations!  I found this wonderfully easy pattern 
over at Spin Cushions, which she calls a "Dotty Blanket". 

What ever you want to call it, hop over and take
a look at her site for the pattern and browse her projects.

Happy Friday!


Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Nine Patch Granny Crochet Block


Nine Patch Granny Crochet Block

I mostly used Red Heart's LOVE for this project.
Very nice yarn to work with - easy on the fingers!

It makes a nice sofa 'throw' size.

Here it is on my antique 3/4 bed.

This will probably be gifted this coming Christmas
to a very sweet relative - we draw names each year.

To join the small black blocks together, 
I used the slip stitch method.

After adding the blue border, I used the zipper stitch method.

It creates such a pretty "V" stitch.

For the DC border, I stitched into the back loop only.
It creates more of a flat stitch.

Happy Crocheting, Y'all!


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Saturday, July 9, 2016

Simple DIY Outdoor Wedding Arbor


 Hi all! I thought I'd share just a few photos of the arbor 
we built last August for our daughter's outdoor wedding 
in September, for only a few dollars. 

Seriously. 2x4's. Painted white. That's it.

Sorry, no time for step by step photos, and I only had a 
short time to snap these with my phone camera, but I 
know you savvy DIYers out there get the gist of it...
Three 10 ft. 2x4s...that's it. Two of them have about
 2 ft. buried in the ground. The third one had the ends
cut off to use as side braces and to stabilize the top board.

A dear friend of hers from her workplace did
all of her flower arrangements, as her wedding gift.

The wedding time was late afternoon, and, as you
can probably tell in the photos, it was cloudy...
and it DID RAIN about 2 hrs prior to the wedding!
Daughter originally wanted to use wood branches/small
trees for the arbor, and build wooden benches.
When she decided the time of the wedding, we all decided 
with the wedding being late, and no sunshine, 
that WHITE would POP against the natural background of grass
and trees - I'm so glad WHITE was chosen.

But it worked out to the good. Down here in South GA,
it was a HOT and MUGGY morning. 
All of God's pesky critters were threatening to 
RUIN the wedding... Gnats, Wasps, Mosquitoes, Flies.
You name it, it was buzzing around. 

But the rain subsided, and for September in the South, 
we were left with a relatively much cooler and 
mostly bug-free evening. Thank you, Lord!

The framing for the "Entrance" old wood doors was
made in much the same way, except the
doors themselves had wooden shims drilled in them
and drove into the ground.  I used black chalkboard
paint on two old children's headboards, one used here 
to welcome guests and announce the wedding party.
It was propped against a old table used for a water jug and
cups for guests while they waited for the Wedding March.
(the other used to announce the evening's menu)

We used an old dry sink with mirror
to hold the bug spray (not even used!) and
the Wedding Programs (not pictured due to rain!
they were set out just prior to guests arriving.)

Daughter preferred to use her old school globe for her
guests to sign there names in lieu of a traditional guest book.

Simple grapevine wreathes with baby's breath tucked
neatly around the bottom adorned each door, so pretty!

And what outdoor country wedding would be complete
 without a Pallet Project or two? 

TIP: set out a "Deer Cam" (left side, on the post) 
to capture random photos!

Even our pet donkey, Shrek, wanted in on the action.

And, I just had to share this photo. Our family RARELY 
has a dance at weddings, so this 'Father-Daughter dance' pic is
very special to me! Those two little girls at the bottom of the 
photo (actually there were about 6 girls or so sitting there), 
they simply sat with there mouths open, staring at the 
"Princess of the Evening."
It was so precious!

 We transformed our boat shelter into an all out "Party House",
 complete with dance floor and lighting. 
The Best Man provided the music via his iPod and 
portable mega speaker,
and they danced and sang til Midnight!!

The Bride

The Bride and her Grandmother

If you are in the South Carolina area, esp Greenville, 
and are in need of a photographer for any special occasion,
please consider Kendra Martin Photography. She's terrific!
If you click the link above, you will see various sample 
wedding photos, including some of my daughter. She is
the dark haired beauty with her man and wedding party
in the Pine Forest near our home.

To view more great photos of the wedding, click here
You'll read a short overview of their wedding written 
by Kendra Martin on her blog, and even get a glimpse of  
my lovely little grand-daughter and grandson, who were  
Flower Girl and Ring Bearer.

NOTE #1: that is plain juice in his cup - he was tuckered out!

NOTE #2: Her diamond ring is actually a combo of two of
my old 14k gold and diamond rings - the band with the
"open side loops" was part of my "pre-engagement ring" her 
Daddy gave to me when I was only 16 years old!
(And Yes, I am, well, over 50 )
The diamond "head" part was cut from my wedding
ring set, and made into a necklace many years ago.
So, with both pieces just sitting in my jewelry box,
I had our local jeweler make her ring, as 
her "Something Olde" and now, her Something Special.

Thanks for stopping by!

I'd love to read your comments.